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The mobile phone as intelligent assistant language assistants are already installed on every mobile phone. In the future, they will be integrated even more intelligently and more deeply into the¬†Blank November 2018 Calendar system. Especially Apple has to catch up with Siri. Because it’s not just about understanding and processing requests and commands, but helping the user smartly. In the evening, suggest a wake-up time based on the calendar entries.

Blank November 2018 Calendar


Or how the Huawei Mate 10 Pro automatically detects subjects when photographing and suggest the appropriate settings. That’s what Huawei’s new flagship could look like – with a triple camera and borderless design. That’s what Huawei’s new flagship looks like – with a triple camera and rimless design. WWW.CONCEPT-PHONES.COMThe cameras are getting more and more professionalGoogle has shown at Pixel how much you can get out of the current camera sensors with good software.

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“In the future there will be a camera revolution,” said Huawei CEO Richard Yu in an interview with Android Authority. Thus, more and more functions from SLR cameras are to find their way into smartphone production, such as different focal lengths or zoom. Rumor has it that the next Huawei flagship will soon be equipped with three lenses. “Artificial intelligence” is the new hype in the mobile phone industry.

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Phones should finally become truly smart. But the Samsung product launch at the Mobile World Congress proves that there are still challenges. It is – depending on the perspective – a fascinating idea or the technology-turned nightmare: like a personal butler for the back pocket, the smartphone accompanies every step of its user: It knows when he wakes up, at what time he leaves the house, what e-mails he From the collected details, the machine then distills a personalized flood of informational offers and memories that accompanies the user through the days and weeks.


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Which of the usual ways to the office in the morning is just overburdened, which messages should be read first, that – as every Saturday afternoon – a call to the parents and pending, which gift for Valentine’s Day again this year, good at partner or partner What sounded like a vision from science fiction movies, is fast becoming reality: Artificial intelligence is conquering smartphones. It’s one of the biggest technology trends at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


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However, in very different ways. Wireless loading: Soon is t End the battery fearKABELLOSBald is the end of the battery anxiety PREMIUM in the near future could be everyday, which optimists have long dreamed: Who has no cable, can load his empty gedaddeltes smartphone anyway. What’s behind it.


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By Thomas KuhnFast all of the described scenarios are Рprovided the mobile phone user agrees Рfeasible with the latest generation of mobile phones. Whether Apple, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG or Samsung Рwho keeps something as a mobile phone producer, is working hard to take the term SMART Phone literally. The pocket phones Blank November 2018 Calendar should get as much digital intelligence as technically possible. Where Apple set the trend with the electronic assistant Siri years ago, the competitors have long followed suit.