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Illegal, unpaid data suppliers of a monopoly of attention that likes to make its clever algorithms available to autocrats and populists. Time for a new beginning for the net So little individuality was rare, not to mention self-determination. The Internet, blessed with the wisdom January 2019 Calendar PDF of the many, threatens to carry away public opinion, civil rights and democracy, while it prizes us the next personalization option on the mobile phone. Highest time for a fresh start. I think we can not give up the internet.

January 2019 Calendar PDF

There are too many advantages to this: prospects of decentralized organization, opportunities for greater participation in all global decision-making processes, global market entry for the underprivileged, bypassing hereditary gatekeepers, etc. But how can we redeem the emancipatory promise of the Internet? alization beyond personalized targeting is possible. But what we need is a completely new ecosystem for our data usage. In addition, five scenarios.


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Individual data as a digital business model: The current exploding use of artificial intelligence will make the use of our data even more valuable than before. Algorithms want to be fed so that self-learning systems can do really smart things. Studies suggest that only the data of a four-member American average family could bring in $ 20,000 per year. This raises the question of whether we will tax the profits of automation and robotization in the future.


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A better solution would be if we could hawk our own data with the help of a new digital market design. Advertising focus destroys the web: Facebook and Google live close to one hundred percent of online advertising revenue. However, where advertising, targeting, monitoring and data theft are now the only functioning business model on the net, no justice with individualization opportunities is to be expected, even for the underprivileged.


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This means, first of all, that the prohibitions on the transfer of data, ie the prohibition of the transfer of data, must be respected by Google, Facebook and other Internet companies. Timely Institutions for the “Digital Age”: In order to design this new data market, we need appropriate institutions, especially those that meet the requirements of the digital society. Jaron Lanier and E. Glen Weyel have proposed the term “mediators of individual data” (MIDs).


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They mean organizations that act like modern unionists or trustees, advising each and every one of us in trading its precious data. Mids are essentially the market-based counterpart to the unconditional basic income. Among other things, MIDs, as data marketing experts, should be able to individually and independently live off our “data assets” as data holders in old age (when our data is less valuable),



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while the unconditional basic income potentially benefits us from the “big donor” In my opinion, we can not establish sustainable justice by means of state regulation and martially proclaiming the destruction of the Gafa empires. Decentralization on its own is not January 2019 Calendar PDF enough: And to all blockchain and technology evangelists: It simply can not go without social institutions. Pure technological solutions always carry the risk of abuse of power. Machines can not observe each other and meet ethical standards.

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Above all, Google with the likewise voice-activated cyber brain Google Assistant. In all new Android phones, the service is either from the factory on board – or the intelligence from the network can be downloaded as an app. But the Google service has some December 2018 Calendar PDF potential for conflict. Both from the point of view of potential users, who reveal more information about themselves through the use of the assistant to Google than already anyway. But also from the perspective of hardware producers.

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The latter already have difficulties to set themselves apart from the competition anyway. The devices finally look more and more similar. To upgrade these with the same artificial Google intelligence does not offer any differentiation. Galaxy S9 and S9 +: Samsung shows its new smart phone classGALAXY S9 AND S9 + Samsung shows its new smart phone upper classThe catwalk of smartphones in Barcelona is opened. At the MWC, leading manufacturers will present their latest developments.


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The markup was made by Samsung and underpinned its claim to market leadership. No wonder that manufacturers like HTC, LG and Samsung prefer – more or less – to develop their own software wizards and integrate them into their phones. ADVERTISING THE MOBILE WORKPLACE AND THEIR CHALLENGESHuman is not a machine Covering Mobile Security RisksIf an employee damages a company’s mobile phone that contains sensitive data, it represents a major security risk.


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With the right security solution, IT managers can act swiftly in the event of an emergency. More … HTC has installed its digital companion, introduced last year, in parallel with Google Assistant. LG is presenting the updated version of its flagship LG V30S ThinQ smartphone in Barcelona, ​​which uses special AI algorithms to improve camera capabilities (from image recognition to capture control) and at least add more voice commands to Google Assistant features.


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By Bixby Nothing newSamsung had also presented the software Bixby as a digital companion for his new Galaxy S8 phones a year ago and with much fanfare at the MWC and even integrated its own activation button in the phone. However, to this day it works only in English and Korean in reasonably usable extent. And that’s not the only problem. Although Samsung has constantly upgraded new skills during the year (“Bixby send my last photo to Chris.” “Bixby order a taxi”, etc.).


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The crucial and eagerly awaited news, however, that Bixby will finally be available in other languages ​​- such as German – remained guilty on Sunday night at the press conference. Instead, there were flowery promises on the stage that there would be great announcements later in the year. But “unfortunately, unfortunately” you can not tell yet.




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After the show, it was at least unofficially, Bixby will probably also learn German in the fall of this year. This fits in December 2018 Calendar PDF with all the other euphoria around the theme of “AI” in the picture. Even with the competition shows that it is not so easy to teach the phones digital thinking.