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“More politicized, and close to the sovereign postulates, was another initiative that arose last year in the Spanish capital, Madrid for the Right to Decide. The platform, which was defined as April 2019 Calendar Marathi non-independents but defended the 1-O, came to convene multitudinous acts in the Spanish capital due to the fact that a judge prohibited them from using a public place.

April 2019 Calendar Marathi

Like that of the white flags, this mobilization, after the which also had sectors close to the left of Madrid’s alternative and to the nationalistic movements of the left-wingers of Castile, it has been extinguished over the months. The fight of politics The promoters of Parlem-Hablemos consider that their message is in force.

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“It would be nice if the situation of prisoners and exiles were different because, as long as this is not addressed, there will not be a frank dialogue. And, above all, the fundamental issues can not be dealt with, “says Fernández, a political science researcher, who considers that the situation in which the Spanish government is found” is the consequence of a certain abandonment of the PP’s policy, attempt to judge everything “. Despite the difficulties, the dialogue that claimed the white flags of a year ago begins to timidly advance.

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To the newly elected leader of the Croatian Exporters’ Association, the mandate lasts for four years starting on October 16, 2018. Ivan Perkovic is the new director of fashion and textile company Varteks. He took over the function after Zoran Košćec, who goes to the position of a consultant for strategic projects where he will be focused on several development projects of Varteks. The change is taking place during the restructuring process which intensified after the recapitalization of Varteks in the first half of this year which enabled the company’s orientation towards the development phase, told the CEO of this company.

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In this context, we have already begun to work in the future to optimize the supply, distribution and sales channels, to open up new digital sales segments, and to establish stronger co-operation with domestic and foreign partners. These activities should enable sustainable development of the company in the future.

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The new director of Varteks came to the company in July in the position of a member of the Management Board responsible for finance and restructuring. He came from RALU Logistics from the position of the President of the Management Board. Perković came to RALU in 2010 and there he got there, he noted from the Management Board of Varteks, a wealth of experience in the positions of the Director of Finance, Acceptance, Integration and Informatics to become a Member of the Management Board. In 2016, he took over the company’s top position.


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During his mandate, they added, revenue and profitability of the company increased, partner network expanded and Serbian logistics capacities were overwhelmed. At the same time it was from the beginning in the narrower team of the opening of one of the most modern logistics April 2019 Calendar Marathi and distribution centers in Rugvica near Zagreb.Prior to joining RALU Logistics, Perkovic worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the audit firm.