April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

The company in the first half of the year operates with a positive operating result, thus achieving a significantly better trend with respect to the previous periods. This year, Varteks celebrates 100 years April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay of business, and in the Administration, they state that this is a real moment and an additional motive for the company’s new development phase,

April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

which will ensure sustainable growth. On the eve of the recent premiere of Tennessee William’s “Hot Lime Roof” cat in Zagreb’s HNK, we talked with director Paula Magellie, who reveals how the last tests look, why it’s difficult to finish the show and how it works for the first time with Zrink Cvitešić and Filip Vidović .

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As an active participant of Zagreb’s cultural scene, Magelli recalls exciting times of the eighties, heavy words from the nineties and very openly criticizes the collapse of the Left and the rise of neoconservativism, which he says, “I am happy to say new conservatism because it is more or less a new aspect of fascism that takes on the Earth in Europe.

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Not to play consistently! It’s boring, flah … The characters’ logic is that they are twenty percent beyond that. Like the sun shines. Without that shadow, you would not see the light. You need to find out what that other side is. ‘ These words reached through the hallway in front of the Croatian National Theater hall in Zagreb, a few minutes after director Paolo Magelli completed the test of ‘Cats on a Hot Tin Roof’.

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It sounds temperamental, lively, as if to jump right into the scene and show how it should look. In front of the stage he talks to young actor Filip Vidović. He has given him the role of Bricka, and he has a different title role on the boards of HNK after successfully playing Sandy in ‘Ciganin but the most beautiful one.’ “Philip is a young man with a complex intellectual structure that is terribly interested in me. We open that box.

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We’ll see what’s coming out, “Magelli tells us before the interview ten days ahead of the premiere of Tennessee Williams’s cult drama that will be performed on October 13th. With Vidovic, as well as with Zrink Cvitešić, who plays Maggie’s role, Magelline works for the first time, though, he says, is accustomed to working with a team that he sees as a family. Among them, this time Željka Udovičić Pleština as a playwright, assisted by director Tamara Damjanović, music played by Mrle from Leta 3 and Ivanka Mazurkijević …

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‘Meeting with Zrink is completely unexpected, moreover, when I was watching at Medvešč in to play ‘Who sings, evil does not mean’, plays something completely different from what I have been thinking of, ‘he adds, and adds a little bit to the insight:’ Zrinka carries some such fantastic world. ‘How do you feel after an intense mettle test in the April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay  final of the show? It’s always a feeling of love excitement. There are traces of everything we did. It is unbelievable that even today, and I already know the full text of the story, remember when I come home I need to take a text and review it again.