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Many smartphone and processor vendors are rapidly developing new AI chips to enable a new generation of intelligent workloads on edge devices (IoT), and especially smartphones. In addition to digital voice assistants, there are a number of deployment scenarios for December 2018 Calendar Word Mobile AI in which benefit from: people with disabilities, local service technicians, and support for everyday routines.Tomorrow’s smartphone: From pet to assistant dog There are numerous use cases for artificial intelligence , Platforms and workloads worth doing. Especially deep learning algorithms

December 2018 Calendar Word

The interplay of speech recognition, behavioral analytics, augmented reality, image recognition, and personalized referrals takes us into the Age of Assistance, creating a whole new world of experience Interaction possibilities between user and smartphone. Also on the design of the Digital Workplace and the new working culture “Mobile Workstyle”, the new AI chips have a big impact in the coming years.

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Businesses still need not be afraid of technology advances but should actively use the new opportunities. The topic of Artificial Intelligence is divided. On the one hand there are great expectations, enthusiasm for innovation and open-mindedness towards more artificial intelligence in many everyday situations. On the other hand skepticism rules the discussion. – ie deeply nested neural networks, which learn independently, are currently very popular, because you only need superficially large amounts of data and relatively little know-how.


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In particular, how the countless data are used, which is necessary for such processes, who gets them in the hands and whether it is not dangerous to hand machines a self-learning force, is always hotly debated. The nice part of such controversial discussions indeed, that they only drive the development of such technology even more.  ARM’s Project Trillium is set to revolutionize the evolution of personal computing Generating AI Processors – Graphics © ARM In this context, mobile AI chips have been used more and more frequently in recent times.


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Because the sometimes contradictory opinions generate more and more ideas, more intensive research and product development and thus even better products in a shorter time – at least in theory. As of today, some companies already operate digital services that significantly redefine processes with the help of artificial intelligence.But AI-based analytics to study user behavior, image recognition capabilities, and many other uses of neural networks can be imaged directly on the smartphone, bringing a whole new digital user experience to home users and businesses.


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That works better now and sometimes worse. Evidence is the more or less tailored to the user advertisements that sometimes surprisingly well predict what you just want, in other cases, but also by the browser behavior seems misguided.But in any case, the companies continue to work on the development of AI -based business processes. More and more interactions and transactions are accompanied by artificial intelligence.



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In just a few years, far more than half of all digital transactions, even with the help of artificial intelligence, are predicted by various forecasts. According to a study by Crisp Research and the unbelievable machine company, the share of value added by December 2018 Calendar Word machine learning in new digital products will average around 20 percent in 2020.Although this is not true in practice so naturally. Especially in the context of Mobile AI are often called primarily language assistants.