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November 2018 Calendar Templates Excel PDF

The proposal includes the introduction of new revenue, which would have to sit on the bill of health from each box of cigarettes sold, and every liter of alcoholic drink sold. If the proposal is over, it is worth expecting a drastic increase in cigarettes and alcohol The new health system revenue, which, among other things, is part of the money November 2018 Calendar Templates that citizens spend on cigarettes and alcohol, according to the legal solution provider should amount to about two billion kunas. so it has the amount of 25 billion kuna, which Health Minister Milan Kujundžić considers sufficient to stabilize the system.


November 2018 Calendar Templates


According to the legislative proposal being prepared, a cigarette box and a liter of hard alcohol would cost as much as 50 percent more than it costs today and new healthcare revenue there would also be a premium from car insurance premiums. This allocation is currently 4 percent, and it should be set at seven percent of the premium, writes New List.

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The new producers are quoted on a new request, but Minister Kujundžić firmly argues that it is in this case a contribution to the overall health status of the population. Minister argues that this move will contribute to reducing smoking and drinking spirits. The European Union in Myanmar sends a mission to determine the facts and consider whether to introduce trade sanctions for human rights violations in that country and Cambodia has said it will lose preferential trade status, EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Friday.


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Malmstrom said that the mission in Myanmar would consider withdrawing the status “Everything But Arms” status for that country, which the poorest countries in the world can sell all goods in the EU without customs except for weapons. “We can not rule out this outcome because of the open violation of human rights in Myanmar,” Malmstrom told a press conference following a meeting of trade ministers in Innsbruck.


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The UN report said the Myjanmar army accused of group rapes and mass murders with ” genocidal intentions “in the state of Rakhine and asks against the supreme commander and five generals by Yanmar has dismissed the allegations from the report and accused “terrorists” of the Rohindza people for the majority of the crimes.



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In Cambodia, the EU said in July that it would risk losing preferential trade status after the elections for which western countries considered not to have been neither free nor honest. The GLAS (Civil-Liberal Alliance) MP and Parliamentary Representative Anka Mrak-Taritaš said on Friday in Split that the party calls for early elections but it is hard to expect them to happen


November 2018 Calendar Templates Excel November 2018 Calendar Templates Excel PDF


, but it should always be ready for them. “As an opposition, we call early elections because they are a possibility for change, but it should be realistic that the current ruling option, which the HDZ is with its partners, is tightly tied to it and there are many people aware of they would never enter the Sabor again nor participate in November 2018 Calendar Templates the executive as they are now involved, which means it is difficult to expect early elections but should always be ready for them, “said Mrak-Taritaš, addressing the founding assembly of the GLAS branch office in Split,

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