November 2018 Calendar Cute

November 2018 Calendar Cute Free

Like the new Samsung premium-class phones, the Galaxy S8 series and the Note 8, there’s also a model of the Mate 10, called pro, with a screen that covers almost the entire front.Yu said in November 2018 Calendar Cute conversation, he was less concerned to become the number 1 smartphone manufacturer. “Instead, we’d better provide the best innovations to the user, which will help us the most in the long run.”

November 2018 Calendar Cute


In the two Mate models Huawei has also improved the cameras developed in cooperation with Leica, in addition, the devices can play high-resolution audio files and with the help of the KI chips also reduce the background noise when telephoning.



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In Germany, Huawei will only offer the Pro model and a Pro developed in cooperation with Porsche Design. The Mate Pro is to be offered for 799 euros. Lorenz Keller. The agony of  ahl will be bigger than ever for smartphone fans in 2018. In addition to Apple and Samsung bring Huawei, LG, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and Google top devices on the market. With the top models, there are hardly any differences in terms of quality and technology.


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And the well-known manufacturers are coming under pressure from various sides. From Chinese manufacturers such as Honor, OnePlus or Xiaomi, who are still newcomers to our company. And by specialized niche cell phone manufacturers like the Fairphone, the Essential Phone or the Razer Phone. In addition, there are many devices from the middle class, which offer amazingly good technology for 200 to 400 francs. The new superphones for 2018 therefore need good arguments to secure market share.


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We can expect these four trends.Handy displays bigger, more beautiful and more diverseThe smartphone of the future is on the front practically only on screen. The place is used optimally. This will make screen sizes of 6 inches and more everyday. The front camera, sensors and speakers need creative solutions. A kind of beam like the iPhone X will therefore also be seen on other devices.

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Since the technology takes up less and less space, there will soon be even more foldable and foldable screens like the ZTE Axon M. Samsung has already announced such a cell phone. Maybe there’s again devices with a second screen on the back for notifications. Vivo has built a fingerprint scanner directly under the screen. Vivo has built a fingerprint scanner directly under the screen. ZVGThe Traditional Fingerprint Scanner Will Be Replaced Samsung and Apple have demonstrated it: they have built usable or even very good facial recognition scanners into their top-of-the-line models.

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Other manufacturers are likely to follow in 2018 – and Samsung and Apple make their solution even better.Bislang but Apple has renounced a traditional fingerprint scanner. A radical solution that does not inspire everyone. Therefore, in 2018, a November 2018 Calendar Cute second new technique is likely to become popular: namely to integrate the scanner into the screen on the front. A well-functioning sensor under the display glass has already shown Vivo at the CES in Las Vegas (USA). However, this only works with OLED displays.

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