May 2019 Calendar PDF

May 2019 Calendar PDF Free Printable

Also, they will hold Labs and high-speed workshops and seminars and issue them with the so-called. nano-diplomas, so the focus is clearly set on Algebra core business, education and R & D as part of the digital transformation of society. Entry into entrepreneurship May 2019 Calendar PDF through technological startups is offered as a possible step, if and when the students are taken away. They tell us it’s ZIP 2.0, but it’s just a description of the new concept because ZIP we did not know anymore.

May 2019 Calendar PDF

In the meantime, there were several other addresses for startups, and dish on them is also in the Technological Park at the Fair, where Startup Factory Zagreb, a city administration project, works. Aluminij from Mostar on Sunday, due to huge debts, threatens to shut down the electricity. If this happens, the company’s management warns of dangerous catastrophic scenarios that could follow.

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The consequences, they argue, could be a complete failure of the plant: “freezing” liquid aluminum in electrolytic cells, then very likely explosions and potential threats to workers. According to their calculations, restarting only one planned shutdown cell would cost more than 90,000 euros. But as Aluminum has a total of 256 electrolytic cells, which would be abruptly and unplanned, the total cost of restarting production in the company would reach, said the company’s management, at about half a billion euros.

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For this reason, the Administration of Mostar Aluminum sent an appeal to the competent they get up and react. The workers, however, said they would physically disable the company’s disconnection from the electricity distribution network.Dražen Pandža, e.g. director of Aluminij, acknowledged that companies are in big trouble, that electricity bills have reached enormous amounts.

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– Aluminum does not have time by Friday. We are still in the process of announcing the announcement from the NOS BiH for disconnection from the electricity network. We urge the Government of the FBiH to react to the ISO by the end of the week and explicitly request suspension of exclusion, but also to act in the direction of finding a solution for supplying Aluminum with electricity, with necessary guarantees for payment.

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For a long time we are warning about the situation, we warn the owners, we ask for their active participation in solving the problem because the situation is so complex that we can not solve it ourselves – said PandžaDrazen Pandža claims that the Government of the Federation of BiH still obliged to subsidize costs on 17 June 2013 electricity.


May 2019 Calendar PDF Free May 2019 Calendar PDF Free Printable

In return, it demanded a larger share of the ownership, which it received, recalled and continued, but did not fulfill its obligation. The interruption of electricity supply would cause insurmountable consequences and would destroy what failed the war. Aluminij still has 48 hours of life, if this country does not see the future for us, let’s say we also know what to do for us, “Pandža concluded. After the company’s top May 2019 Calendar PDF officials said the media were addressed by representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Aluminij employees who said they would not allow the power cut off at any price.

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