December 2018 Calendar With Holidays

December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Blank Word

They are still in the midst of the transformation of their organization and corporate culture and thus of the technology equipment for the digital workplace. In particular, as technology and application stacks become ever more sophisticated, as well as the new technological December 2018 Calendar With Holidays possibilities afforded by Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things, preferences are changing over time. And especially when companies are trying to position themselves as innovation leaders and the optimum the right choice of technology is a crucial one.


December 2018 Calendar With Holidays


In the near future, hardware and device decisions will include not only the operating system, built-in security, integration capability, manageability and IT support and service, but also the performance and configuration of the Google has recently announced the Device Recommendation Program to help enterprise customers choose hardware based on their preferences.

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The project is still in the beta phase and is far from fully developed. Due to the multitude of developments, Google has a real chance in the market here. Because despite the long-standing supremacy of Apple in the B2B sector with up to more than 70% market share, the devices catch up on the Android operating system. Thanks to the versatility and innovative power of new digital technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, Apple has to be careful, despite its own efforts and early products, to keep track of what is happening in its wake.


December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Word PDF December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Word



Ready to go or a long way to go Mobile AI makes you want more – that’s it clear. Companies are well advised to address early on how neural networks work, what data they can use to add value and develop new digital, data-driven business processes. But even there it always depends on the individual case. Opting for anything with artificial intelligence and forcing innovation is by no means advisable.


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The current discussions underline once again that too much artificial intelligence can quickly become a danger to companies today and that innovation and success can turn into the opposite. Also, there are still some standards for a nationwide Mobile AI market maturity. As of today, the AI ​​chips are intended primarily for general AI processes. The more concrete and accurate the use cases become, the more applications and solutions for the Narrow AI have to be created.


December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Blank Word December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Blank



The mobile OEMs are taking the first step in this direction with their push of the chips. It will take a few more days for unified platforms and a large number of developers to launch marketable and useful applications. For this reason, Mobile AI is definitely a great opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage.



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With a good data strategy, a successful Digital Workplace concept and the right application areas for your Mobile AI strategy, you can take your competitors a step ahead in terms of process automation and customer loyalty. The trend in recent years December 2018 Calendar With Holidays was mobile first – technical developments should First and foremost optimized for mobile devices – we are currently seeing the road to AI first: artificial intelligence is the next generation of This is what Google.

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