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The mobile phone as intelligent assistant language assistants are already installed on every mobile phone. In the future, they will be integrated even more intelligently and more deeply into the Blank November 2018 Calendar system. Especially Apple has to catch up with Siri. Because it’s not just about understanding and processing requests and commands, but helping the user smartly. In the evening, suggest a wake-up time based on the calendar entries.

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Or how the Huawei Mate 10 Pro automatically detects subjects when photographing and suggest the appropriate settings. That’s what Huawei’s new flagship could look like – with a triple camera and borderless design. That’s what Huawei’s new flagship looks like – with a triple camera and rimless design. WWW.CONCEPT-PHONES.COMThe cameras are getting more and more professionalGoogle has shown at Pixel how much you can get out of the current camera sensors with good software.

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“In the future there will be a camera revolution,” said Huawei CEO Richard Yu in an interview with Android Authority. Thus, more and more functions from SLR cameras are to find their way into smartphone production, such as different focal lengths or zoom. Rumor has it that the next Huawei flagship will soon be equipped with three lenses. “Artificial intelligence” is the new hype in the mobile phone industry.

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Phones should finally become truly smart. But the Samsung product launch at the Mobile World Congress proves that there are still challenges. It is – depending on the perspective – a fascinating idea or the technology-turned nightmare: like a personal butler for the back pocket, the smartphone accompanies every step of its user: It knows when he wakes up, at what time he leaves the house, what e-mails he From the collected details, the machine then distills a personalized flood of informational offers and memories that accompanies the user through the days and weeks.


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Which of the usual ways to the office in the morning is just overburdened, which messages should be read first, that – as every Saturday afternoon – a call to the parents and pending, which gift for Valentine’s Day again this year, good at partner or partner What sounded like a vision from science fiction movies, is fast becoming reality: Artificial intelligence is conquering smartphones. It’s one of the biggest technology trends at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


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However, in very different ways. Wireless loading: Soon is t End the battery fearKABELLOSBald is the end of the battery anxiety PREMIUM in the near future could be everyday, which optimists have long dreamed: Who has no cable, can load his empty gedaddeltes smartphone anyway. What’s behind it.


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By Thomas KuhnFast all of the described scenarios are – provided the mobile phone user agrees – feasible with the latest generation of mobile phones. Whether Apple, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG or Samsung – who keeps something as a mobile phone producer, is working hard to take the term SMART Phone literally. The pocket phones Blank November 2018 Calendar should get as much digital intelligence as technically possible. Where Apple set the trend with the electronic assistant Siri years ago, the competitors have long followed suit.

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Like the new Samsung premium-class phones, the Galaxy S8 series and the Note 8, there’s also a model of the Mate 10, called pro, with a screen that covers almost the entire front.Yu said in November 2018 Calendar Cute conversation, he was less concerned to become the number 1 smartphone manufacturer. “Instead, we’d better provide the best innovations to the user, which will help us the most in the long run.”

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In the two Mate models Huawei has also improved the cameras developed in cooperation with Leica, in addition, the devices can play high-resolution audio files and with the help of the KI chips also reduce the background noise when telephoning.



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In Germany, Huawei will only offer the Pro model and a Pro developed in cooperation with Porsche Design. The Mate Pro is to be offered for 799 euros. Lorenz Keller. The agony of  ahl will be bigger than ever for smartphone fans in 2018. In addition to Apple and Samsung bring Huawei, LG, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and Google top devices on the market. With the top models, there are hardly any differences in terms of quality and technology.


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And the well-known manufacturers are coming under pressure from various sides. From Chinese manufacturers such as Honor, OnePlus or Xiaomi, who are still newcomers to our company. And by specialized niche cell phone manufacturers like the Fairphone, the Essential Phone or the Razer Phone. In addition, there are many devices from the middle class, which offer amazingly good technology for 200 to 400 francs. The new superphones for 2018 therefore need good arguments to secure market share.


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We can expect these four trends.Handy displays bigger, more beautiful and more diverseThe smartphone of the future is on the front practically only on screen. The place is used optimally. This will make screen sizes of 6 inches and more everyday. The front camera, sensors and speakers need creative solutions. A kind of beam like the iPhone X will therefore also be seen on other devices.

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Since the technology takes up less and less space, there will soon be even more foldable and foldable screens like the ZTE Axon M. Samsung has already announced such a cell phone. Maybe there’s again devices with a second screen on the back for notifications. Vivo has built a fingerprint scanner directly under the screen. Vivo has built a fingerprint scanner directly under the screen. ZVGThe Traditional Fingerprint Scanner Will Be Replaced Samsung and Apple have demonstrated it: they have built usable or even very good facial recognition scanners into their top-of-the-line models.

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Other manufacturers are likely to follow in 2018 – and Samsung and Apple make their solution even better.Bislang but Apple has renounced a traditional fingerprint scanner. A radical solution that does not inspire everyone. Therefore, in 2018, a November 2018 Calendar Cute second new technique is likely to become popular: namely to integrate the scanner into the screen on the front. A well-functioning sensor under the display glass has already shown Vivo at the CES in Las Vegas (USA). However, this only works with OLED displays.

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For example, in portrait photos, it can separate the foreground from the background and make the latter pretty blurred, as is known from SLR cameras. It can detect the content of images more quickly,  November 2018 Calendar Telugu and when listening to music, can calculate the environmental noise in the car, for example.

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Since even a large corporation like Huawei, with its 180,000 employees, can not do everything on its own, the Shenzhen-based group has built the special processor as an open platform on which others can set up and run their own developments.


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The new model could most likely be dangerous to Samsung. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not without reason in the focus of many smartphone manufacturers. The technology should better adapt the devices to the needs of their users. This is not completely new. Apple came in 2011 with the assistance Siri on the market. AI helps here with speech recognition, but also to guess what Siri really should do for the users.


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It turned out, however, that the usual way of doing AI calculations in a datacenter is not always the best way. For one, there is not always a connection over the Internet, and in many cases, it would take too long to send data back and forth. And finally, it is also a question of data protection, whether really more and more functions should be exchanged in some cases very personal data with the providers.

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All these considerations have led to the fact that the leading manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to make even the devices themselves smarter so that they do not have to contact the mother ship for many tasks. Huawei is hoping for third party vendors to write more applications for the chip. But it was also needed to increase cell phone performance while reducing power consumption, says Richard Yu, who is responsible for the Huawei end-user business. Google has also designed a special chip for its data centers that dramatically accelerates AI calculations. And even the big suppliers like Qualcomm are of course not idle. However, Huawei has now come a long way ahead of them all.

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The Chinese manufacturer was successful for a long time only in the home market, but it has managed in recent years always better to gain a foothold in the West. In July of this year, the company even overtook Apple in terms of the number of smartphones sold. Huawei is particularly successful with its smartphones in Europe.

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The company is clearly on the market for high-priced devices. The Mate 10 is to make the smartphones of the market leaders Samsung and Apple competition. It could be most dangerous November 2018 Calendar Telugu Samsung, since diehard Apple users rarely switch to a device with Android operating system. In addition, the iPhone X is in the starting blocks.

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The proposal includes the introduction of new revenue, which would have to sit on the bill of health from each box of cigarettes sold, and every liter of alcoholic drink sold. If the proposal is over, it is worth expecting a drastic increase in cigarettes and alcohol The new health system revenue, which, among other things, is part of the money November 2018 Calendar Templates that citizens spend on cigarettes and alcohol, according to the legal solution provider should amount to about two billion kunas. so it has the amount of 25 billion kuna, which Health Minister Milan Kujundžić considers sufficient to stabilize the system.


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According to the legislative proposal being prepared, a cigarette box and a liter of hard alcohol would cost as much as 50 percent more than it costs today and new healthcare revenue there would also be a premium from car insurance premiums. This allocation is currently 4 percent, and it should be set at seven percent of the premium, writes New List.

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The new producers are quoted on a new request, but Minister Kujundžić firmly argues that it is in this case a contribution to the overall health status of the population. Minister argues that this move will contribute to reducing smoking and drinking spirits. The European Union in Myanmar sends a mission to determine the facts and consider whether to introduce trade sanctions for human rights violations in that country and Cambodia has said it will lose preferential trade status, EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Friday.


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Malmstrom said that the mission in Myanmar would consider withdrawing the status “Everything But Arms” status for that country, which the poorest countries in the world can sell all goods in the EU without customs except for weapons. “We can not rule out this outcome because of the open violation of human rights in Myanmar,” Malmstrom told a press conference following a meeting of trade ministers in Innsbruck.


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The UN report said the Myjanmar army accused of group rapes and mass murders with ” genocidal intentions “in the state of Rakhine and asks against the supreme commander and five generals by Yanmar has dismissed the allegations from the report and accused “terrorists” of the Rohindza people for the majority of the crimes.



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In Cambodia, the EU said in July that it would risk losing preferential trade status after the elections for which western countries considered not to have been neither free nor honest. The GLAS (Civil-Liberal Alliance) MP and Parliamentary Representative Anka Mrak-Taritaš said on Friday in Split that the party calls for early elections but it is hard to expect them to happen


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, but it should always be ready for them. “As an opposition, we call early elections because they are a possibility for change, but it should be realistic that the current ruling option, which the HDZ is with its partners, is tightly tied to it and there are many people aware of they would never enter the Sabor again nor participate in November 2018 Calendar Templates the executive as they are now involved, which means it is difficult to expect early elections but should always be ready for them, “said Mrak-Taritaš, addressing the founding assembly of the GLAS branch office in Split,

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a. The head of the GLAS Split branch was elected Edo Modun. At this point, HDZ is making unprofitable damages, “said Mrak Taritaš, referring to the SMS affair. He added that the media were occupied by the SMS of a day, and there is a Agrokor affair, “where was who.” “The result of all this is that the HDZ has exposed and used institutions for November 2018 Calendar South Africa its intra-party reconciliation,” Mrak Taritaš “SDP’s and GLAS’s co-operation with SDP’s and GLAS’s co-operation of the SDP’s Split-based SDP delegate, Gora Kotur said:” I believe we will work together successfully because only together can Croatia return to the right path and bring positive change and collapse that leads to the ruin of Croatia, “Kotur said.

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The reason why we use a certain web browser is more, but few among us will be willing to suffer for a long time those who are slow. What affects the speed of their work? Learn Every web browser rests on a different computer code. Different approaches to programming can be reflected in the time needed to load the web page. There are two key elements to keep in mind: the web browser engine and the JavaScript engine.

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The web browser engine is a key component of any browser, responsible for performing a series of tasks that include, among other things, code processing for HTML and CSS, display of code on the computer screen and the implementation of computer security policy. In the worst case, the engine will be able to display HTML and XML documents and images and set the font, color and size of the text. Some will also be able to display PDF and other document formats.


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There are several different engines, but four are the most widely used today: Blink, EdgeHTML, Gecko and WebKit.Blink is a multi-platform engine behind Google, Opera, Adobe, Intel and Samsung. Presented in Chrome and Opera web browsers. It started as a branch of WebKit, which itself began as a branch of KHTML and KJS.

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It is licensed under the GNU LGPL license that allows free use. A machine computes the possible routes of a network of a municipality and finds the most optimal one (days for a technician, seconds for a machine): this algorithm, in combination with the previous one, makes the company more efficient, since with a 20% less investment reaches the same users, with more immediate investment decisions and less problems of their canalization works by minimizing the length of deployments.


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A strategic effort As highlighted by Redexis Gas, which has a specialized unit dedicated to the IA, being a pioneer in its development and its implementation in the sector requires strong investments: «The deployment of artificial intelligence in business cases with sense is a strategic priority for Redexis Gas.


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For two years, the company has a specialized unit, which works very closely with the business units. That’s why keep November 2018 Calendar South Africa their number at the minimum required.3) Web surfing information Web browsers collect a huge amount of information on how to use them.

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And above all, we do not know who is responsible for their actions. Still the programmers? Or the code itself? IT lawyer Amit Elazari recently suggested at a security conference to provide financial incentives for experts to review and publicize the injustices and November 2018 Calendar Singapore inconsistencies inherent in the algorithms. But the corporations would have to disclose their code, which is unlikely without compulsion from above.

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Meanwhile, at the University of Massachusetts, philosophy professor Nicholas Evans attempts to translate ethical-moral theories into machine-readable language. Is there really a universal code for right and wrong? DISPLAY MEKKA FOR HACKERThe baby monitor as a gateway for cybercriminalsSecurity experts see the fully networked home a paradise for cybercriminals.


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It is not for nothing that this year’s hacker conference DEF CON even had its own workshop on the topic. More … Even Neil Johnson, the financial world ecologist, is trying to find a solution. The main problem is the belief that the goal of any algorithm is to optimize and maximize its output. Much more important is the question of how to minimize unwanted output. According to Johnson, this requires no less than “a new science”.



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The University of Bayreuth is setting up a new center for researching energy storage systems for cars, households and power grids. The university will be distributed over five years and will cost 25 million euros For the project and get twelve new professorships and create about a hundred more jobs. A comparable facility does not exist in Germany so far. By Claudia Henzler, BayreuthThe list of benefits that Markus Söder (CSU) announced in his government statement in April, is well known long.


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And just as ambitious is the plan to create facts in as many cases as possible before the state election, especially since there are no more money from the state budget this year. However, because the University of Bayreuth, which is to receive a research center for battery technology, went into advance, could Minister of Science Marion Kiechle (CSU)



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on Thursday at a ceremony the symbolic starting signal for the establishment of the center gibt.In the university had a working group right after the government statement started planning. This zeal is understandable, should the university – but the Cabinet decided on Tuesday of this week – distributed over five years 25 million euros for the project get and create twelve new professorships and by 2023 about a hundred more jobs.


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Ingolstadt wants to become the Silicon Valley of Germany Ingolstadt wants to become the Silicon Valley of Germany Founders and start-ups are to develop the mobility of tomorrow in the booming city with regional partners. By Maximilian Gerl more … Whether the 25 million is pure investment or personnel and operating costs, is as open to the Cabinet meeting as open as the question of what the November 2018 Calendar Singapore Free State will spend after 2023 for the Research Center.Im The new center will focus on energy storage for cars as well as households and electricity grids.

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more … Although the work of programmers now pervades many areas of life, the cliché of the pimply nerd. Clichés are certainly true: It needs a certain type of person who is interested in November 2018 Calendar To Print programming, who wants to build things bit by bit and a lot of ge patience and a sense of craftsmanship. Programmers take a lot of things very literally.

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They always seek the truth and do not waste much time on emotions or fictions. Rather, they deal with numbers and facts. That programmers are anti-social, is not true. I think the prejudice only occurs in movies. It is still a profession that is dominated by men. 93 percent of its users are male. Why are there so few programmers left? This is a problem for which I have no explanation.


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It would be crazy to think that men are the better programmers because of their innate ability. There is something that systematically discourages women or that leads them to throw in the job during training. This makes the prophecy itself true: all others are men, women feel out of place – even if they are not. In order to remedy this social injustice, it needs role models. Especially on Stack Overflow, it would be important for women to be more active in the community.

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Sometimes days pass without programmers seeing them online. The women should show more. Ask more questions and answer questions about her profile as a woman. Joel Spolsky, 53, CEO of Stack Overflow: Joel Spolsky, 53, CEO of Stack Overflow: The open-gay developer calls for role models for female programmers. It is a way to achieve a more balanced relationship between men and women in the industry.


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(Photo: DENNIS CAHLO, Stack Overflow / PR) So women are to blame, no, no. But they can help fix the problem. It’s about to come out. I am an open gay programmer. I’ve heard from many other homosexual developers that it has motivated them to be open about it. It is a way to make women feel more welcome until we arrive at a reasonable fifty-fifty ratio. What is the responsibility of programmers for their influence on world affairs?


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The cell phone on the table in the café, although actually in stand-by mode, displays a message: The song that is currently running in the background is called “Dusk till dawn” and is by Zain. A nice service is that, but necessary? You can see that either way. One thing is clear: Such functions are possible with artificial intelligence on smartphones.


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Google has squeezed the digital fingerprints of hundreds of thousands of songs into a file about 250 megabytes in size. This enables the mobile phone to recognize the song almost incidentally. The smartphone, introduced by the Chinese Huawei Group this Monday, goes one step further: The Mate 10 even comes with a specially designed for November 2018 Calendar To Print artificial intelligence chip, which carries out arithmetic tasks significantly faster and more energy efficient.Huawei calls the technology Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU). What is the effect of the neural network on the chip?

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Michael Danzer, designated head of the new center, is delighted with the opportunity to deal with two major social issues with unexpectedly large numbers of employees: “It is a task for decades to convert mobility to other drives and complete the country’s electrical November 2018 Calendar Spanish energy supply turning over is a gigantic challenge. “Since 2016, Danzer has been head of the Department of Electrical Energy Systems at the Faculty of Engineering and will now also build the center.

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Now a building should be moved as quickly as possible, an interdisciplinary research laboratory set up and a graduate college created, he says. The first two professors hopes to occupy Danzer in 2019. Even though physicists, chemists, engineers and business informants in Bayreuth have been dealing with batteries so far, the new center is much more than just a new label for existing activities, assures Danzer.

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The twelve professorships would not be withdrawn elsewhere, but actually recreated. The existing research should be developed under the common roof and the interdisciplinary cooperation should be strengthened. It has enormous advantages, “if the engineer understands which materials the chemist works with and the chemist knows what the engineer needs,” explains Danzer.


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The scientists will deal with the question of what raw materials and components a battery can consist of How the individual parts must be built so that the battery does not go up in flames and thus it is powerful, durable and fast to load. Danzer is particularly interested in the development of “intelligent batteries” that can communicate with the power grid. Danzer says the broad approach is unique in the German research landscape: “There is no such link at one location from materials research to the development of intelligent batteries .


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” The 256 is a special number in computer science. In the binary system, exactly 256 values ​​(from 0 to 255) can be expressed with eight digits. One byte consists of eight bits. Therefore, the 256 appears in many places in computer systems and on the 256th day of the year, developers worldwide celebrate the “Day of the Programmer”. In Russia, this is even an official day of remembrance. Joel Spolsky founded the online platform Stack Overflow ten years ago.


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On the platform, programmers around the world can find answers to their specialized questions.SZ: What’s so exciting about the programmer’s job? Joel Spolsky: The nice thing is that because you can copy code, you never have to do the same thing twice. Programmers are always on the shoulders of the programmers who came before them. In addition, the professional field is accelerating increasingly.



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There are always better programming tools and better systems that used to be programmed from scratch. The code that a developer can write today is much more powerful than it was a year ago. November 2018 Calendar Spanish Smart Three New iPhones, One New ClockPicturesThree New iPhones, One New ClockIn two hours, Apple races through its show, which is packed with new gadgets – including three new iPhones. The most important products at a glance.

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The manufacturer is not the only one, the Margins around the display almost disappears. Also, the screens of Asus’ Zenbook series make even better use of the available space. In the digital world, we can often only observe the actions of the machines, November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay but no longer understand why they behave, how they behave and who is responsible. An author of the Guardian calls this phenomenon Frankenstein algorithms.

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The IT lawyer Amit Elazari therefore wants to create financial incentives for experts to publicize the injustices hidden in the algorithms. By Michael Moorsted For some time now there has been a video circulating on the internet that is sad and absurd and can once again get in the way of rage. Perfect conditions, therefore, to go viral.

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On display is a man holding his hand under an automated soap dispenser. Immediately a dab lands on the palm of your hand. Then his dark-skinned colleague tries. The device does not respond. The video is a very obvious example of so-called algorithmic bias, which is algorithmically enhanced prejudice and injustice. There are many other examples of this phenomenon.

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For example, translation software that automatically gives a male article to academic professions and low-profile work is a female common cause it is relatively easy to find out what caused the malfunction. In the first case, someone invented the Hygienic Robot in its development that his camera needs to see some contrast before releasing the lotion. People with dark skin were apparently not thought of.


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In the second case, the software is geared to real-world case studies, thus replicating the injustices that have always prevailed there. Last week, the Guardian read an interesting text about how it is in the tech world, anyway moving further and further into the real world, meanwhile “a universe exists that no one fully understands anymore”. New technologies, such as machine learning, give rise to autonomous, unquestionable rules of conduct that populate virtually every object and every machine and program that we encounter in our everyday lives.


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If billions of these autonomous agents interact with and often interact with each other, it’s only a matter of time before the system starts crunching. Some examples are known. Automated shopping software, for example, which drives the price for obscure Amazon products to absurd heights for no apparent reason. Or the sometimes spontaneously occurring so-called flash crashes on the stock market.



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They are triggered by high-frequency trading algorithms. The physicist Neil Johnson has described this phenomenon as one of the first. Namely in the journal Nature. In essence, a completely separate ecosystem has evolved in which the algorithms meanwhile have the ability to rewrite parts of their own code. Can machines teach November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay ethical action? Other cases are newer and no less acute. For example, the image recognition algorithms of self-driving cars that randomly identify passers-by as cars or objects. Frankenstein algorithms called the Guardian author this phenomenon. So in this new world we can only observe the actions of the machines, but no longer understand why they behave, how they behave.

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Together with Page and Brin Schmidt set the perhaps second best idea of ​​all time, but certainly one of the most lucrative: to auction keywords among advertisers. The highest bidders get the few advertising spots above the search results. The bottom line: Your November 2018 Calendar Marathi ad only appears in the results lists of those users who searched for that keyword, so it only reaches those who are interested in its content. The system offers advertisers such high accuracy that their earnings soon outnumbered any prediction.

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At least part of the money pouring in Page and Brin invested again and again in new products: the targeted search in online shops, news search, image search, a complete catalog of road maps, an operating system for mobile phones, an Internet browser, an e-mail offer. Always free for the users, always financed by advertising and almost always so successful that the competition was soon marginalized.


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That’s how it is today. And Google is becoming more and more the natural part of everyday life. For some, Google is the most exciting company in the world. For others a threat Meanwhile, it is no longer easy to say what Google actually is. For some, the group is a money-printing advertising machine with affiliated spinner departments, in which space and eternal life is tinkered.


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For others, Google is the most innovative and exciting company in history, the one that will blossom artificial intelligence. And for still others, Google is an uncontrolled and uncontrollable institution that accumulates power and knowledge to an extent like none before it. The fact is: Google’s nice image has gotten scratches. What has to do with size, power and profits. Because the more Google knows its customers, by linking the data of the different services, the more accurate and therefore more expensive it can sell advertising.


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The more sinister the matter is, however, why more and more antitrust authorities took over the company and politicians in Europe demanded: Smash Google! And then there are projects with the Pentagon, perhaps a bit too clever use of various tax loopholes and a not exactly stringent attitude in the question of whether to join the state censorship in order to get to the huge Chinese market.


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To become that What it is, the internet needed trust. Google gave it to humans. The question is whether Google itself deserves this trust. The “Do not be evil” slogan, anyway, the group has somehow buried quietly and secretly. But there is another motto that Google has been carrying around since its inception and that the public may not take seriously enough today. It reads: “To organize all the information of this world.”


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the picture quality of the TV? Better than ever. Help from Alexa and Google? Will be more comfortable. And the household appliances? Working more and more independently. The technology November 2018 Calendar Marathi fair Ifa in Berlin shows what is possible today, including new laptops. Less than a kilo, smaller and thinner than its predecessor: Acer’s new 15-inch notebook Swift 5.