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They need to take care of themselves, they have to self-regulate, yet still prevail against a variety of apps that have been designed by very intelligent people and with great effort to keep getting our attention. How can software get better? “What we need , are technologies that do December 2018 Calendar Spanish not require any other technologies to use them effectively, “says Williams. Those who did not work against us but were on our side. You would not use a GPS if it would constantly lead you to the wrong place.

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So why should that be different with a smartphone that keeps you from living our lives on your own values? Presumably, we’ve become so used to the rules that a corporation like Facebook offers us to communicate and interact difficult to imagine alternatives. In an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Edelman, another founder of Time Well Spent, recommends to focus more on the values ​​of its users.

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Like on Instagram (which belongs to Facebook): Assuming someone wants to be honest or creative on the photo platform, it can be a hindrance if you’re constantly getting likes and followers. Maybe in the future you will even be able to create software such as social networks, in which the users themselves have a say in how it works. The discussion about “digital wellbeing” is not over yet.


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You can compare them well with the beginnings of the environmental movement: More and more people realized that the rivers of our attention are polluted, says Williams. If only the question arises as to whether the tech industry is willing to do more than a little greenwashing in 1965, in the sunken world of industrialism, around 3,000 articles were waiting for their buyers in Germany’s supermarkets. There are now up to 70,000. Spotify sorts its 35 million songs in as many as 1365 music taste clusters.


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Our product worlds seemingly can not be further duplicated – and are still differentiated day by day.E-commerce provider Zalando would like to offer its 23 million customers 23 million different zalandos. “Everything just for me”: The Internet, one might think, is the perfection of a perfect world, an consumer I and identity machine. Individualization is the great promise of modernity since the end of the 19th century.



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And it is a central vision of the internet. With the help of individualized mass consumption, I can become independent of my background (family, religion, language). But how far have we actually come with individualization and self-determination?



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In view of the current events of the day, the impression arises that something completely different is the case: The Internet, which actually exists only because we use it, has turned us into useful digital idiots, into compliant data donors. As Facebook’s epo December 2018 Calendar Spanish chal data theft In the context of the Cambridge-Analytica scandal came to light, it was finally clear: The project of digital individualization has turned into its stark opposite. We’ve come down to trackable touchpoints, just good enough to serve the free optimization of online advertising.

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Another new feature is the improved usability of the camera. First, the new side-sense function serves as a trigger.It is thus an alternative to the still existing separate camera button. On the other hand, the camera can also be activated via the new, intelligent camera start. All December 2018 Calendar To Print you have to do is take the Xperia XZ3 out of your pocket and hold it in landscape orientation – the camera will automatically start.Audio and MultimediaThe Sony Xperia XZ3 brings back stereo speakers and the already familiar Dynamic Vibration System.

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Here a rhythmic vibration supports especially bass-containing music sequences. On a jack, but users have to do without. Headphones can only be connected to the XZ3 via Bluetooth, the USB-C port or the supplied adapter USB-C-on-jack. A headset with USB-C port is also included. It seems the big tech companies are seeing it that way – at least a little. For example, the new iPhone OS iOS 12 has a feature called “Screen Time” or “Screen Time”. It allows users to see how much time they spend with which app. Also Google’s new Android wants to do something with similar means against the excessive use of smartphones.


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There is, among other things, the ability to set how long you want to use an app a day. If the set time limit is reached, the app icon turns gray. But are such functions useful at all? “It’s like sticking a patch on a bleeding wound,” says researcher James Williams. More control, more insight into one’s own behavior, that’s a good, first step. But the real way to solve the problem of “attention crisis” is much longer.


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Twitter, Instagram and Google are competing for our attention. William himself has worked for Google for more than ten years. At some point he noticed that there was a fundamental mismatch between the goals of the tech companies and those of the people, he says. Nobody has the life goal of spending as much time as possible on Twitter – but this is exactly what Twitter tries to achieve.


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Williams left Google and co-founded with Tristan Harris, also a former Google employee, in 2013 the initiative Time Well Spent (German: well spent time ). They say: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google have created great products that will benefit the world enormously. But at the same time they are all competing for our – ultimately limited – attention. That way they have to constantly find better ways to keep us on the screens. Time Well t wants that to change.


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Now, after five years, their efforts seem to be bearing fruit. Taming technology with technology Instagram, Facebook, Google, Apple – all of them seem to be suddenly interested in not forfeiting our time uselessly. Mark Zuckerberg has made the goal of making Facebook “time well spent” even one of the top priorities for 2018.

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But if the tech companies are really serious about “digital well-being,” then there are a few new technology is not December 2018 Calendar To Print done. Taming technology with technology – this is the approach that Apple and co. are currently pursuing. But that only pushes the users back to the responsibility.

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Side-Sense operation via display edgeThe curved OLED screen in conjunction with the touch-sensitive side-sense function makes apps or applications such as the camera loud Sony one-handed start only with a short tap. A similar operation over the December 2018 Calendar Editable edge of the display also enables Samsung with its edge display.In Sony, however, users have to do without the well-known panels.

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In addition to the new operating option, Sony already delivers the Xperia XZ3 with Android 9.0 Pie. It is the latest operating system version of Google and the Sony smartphone one of the first models that run from the start with the new system. Android 9.0 Pie focuses on gesture control, among other things. It remains to be seen how far it will be implemented on the Xperia XZ3. Android 9 aka Pie: Details of the new Google systemTechnical features of the Sony Xperia XZ3Technically, the Xperia XZ3 has not changed at all compared to its predecessor.

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Again, a Snapdragon 845 along with 4 GB of RAM provides for the Antri eb. Many other upper-class smartphones now offer 6 GB or even 8 GB of RAM. At least Sony has screwed up the clock rate of the Octa-core chip. One cluster now clocks at up to 2.8 GHz, the other at up to 1.8 GHz. Also, the capacity of the memory has remained the same at 64 GB. However, you can now insert micro SD cards with up to 512 GB and expand the memory so. Sony offers the Xperia XZ3 either as a single SIM or as a dual SIM version. In the latter case, the manufacturer relies on a hybrid slot.


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In this case, users have to decide between the use of a second nano SIM or a memory card. The (Internet) connection options have remained unchanged as well. The Sony Xperia XZ3 supports not only WLAN ac, but also LTE Cat.18 with up to 1.2 GBit / s in the downstream. However, such data rates are currently not possible in Germany.



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Vodafone currently offers the fastest bandwidth in its network with up to 500 Mbps downstream. Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and the classic navigation technologies such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou also support the new smartphone.



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However, the capacity of the battery has been increased – to now 3.300 mAh. In addition, the Xperia XZ3 can now charge wirelessly. A corresponding loading mat, however, buyers have to get separately. Even with the camera, there are at first glance little new. Sony continues to rely on a single-sensor solution with 19 megapixels. The motion-eye technology is also back. It helps the smartphone to take sharp pictures and videos in poor lighting conditions.



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There is the well-known Super Slow Motion recording with up to 960 frames per second in Full HD and also regular 4K videos are possible. However, Sony has now revised the camera app and would like to make the various functions and settings accessible even faster. In addition, the manufacturer has returned to a front December 2018 Calendar Editable camera with 13 megapixels, which has already been the Xperia XZ1. Selfies can be converted into a 3D scan of your own face using the 3D Creator. And the scanned heads and objects can be animate and share as moving pictures, for example, in the chat.

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The Plus membership is also available when buying XZ2 models. How to get the Plus membership Only devices that are purchased directly from the Sony online shop or from a certified retailer are valid. Only there you will get a model that has a SI number and EAN to December 2018 Calendar Singapore which the action applies. Afterwards, you have to activate the Xperia Lounge on the new smartphone and enter your e-mail adress until 15.01.2019.

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In addition, you must accept the terms of use, as well as the sending of offers. After 15 days you will then receive an invitation via the Xperia Lounge. The must be accepted until 15.02.2019. Afterwards, the code will be displayed in the Xperia Lounge, with which you will get your free Plus membership in the Playstation Store until 31.03.2019. Even more details can be found here.Lohnen this offer probably only for Sony fans who own a Playstation and regularly use.


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In addition, it is only interesting directly to the market launch. Because soon after, the street price of the Sony Xperia XZ3 should sink by more than 60 euros for the plus-membership. Report of August 29, 2018Sony Xperia XZ3: Bigger and “rounder” than previous modelsSony Xperia XZ3 from both sidesSource: SonyFullview- Display and in the form rounder than earlier models: The Sony Xperia XZ3. Compared to its predecessor, the Sony Xperia XZ3 has again grown a bit.

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And on a display diagonal of a whopping 6 inches. This is also reflected in the height of the case, which is now 5mm longer than the Xperia XZ2, 158 x 73 x 9.9 mm. For the new Sony smartphone is a good deal slimmer and with 195 grams also a bit lighter.



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Visually, however, the biggest change is in the display itself. That’s because the Xperia XZ3 bends slightly towards the sides. This enhances the rimless look of the Fullview design. In general, the design has a much softer effect than before due to its rounded edges. The display has another special feature.



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Sony no longer relies on LCD technology, but uses an OLED display with Bravia TV technology. It dissolves 1,440 x 2,880 pixels and thus in QHD +. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, which is particularly resistant to scratches and breaks. The same protective glass is also on the back. And here hardly anything has changed. The back looks almost exactly like its predecessor. Again, Sony has renounced a dual camera and instead a single camera installed.



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Also, the backside fingerprint sensor is still quite low below the camera. Exactly this position we had criticized in the test of the Sony Xperia XZ2, since the sensor sits too low and thus can be reached only awkward.Sony Xperia XZ2 in the test: So powerful and pretty can be SonyWas Sony smartphone, of course, may not be December 2018 Calendar Singapore missing is the protection against water and dust according to IP65 and IP68. Brief immersion in clear, untreated water makes the device so nothing. However, the smartphone must not be brought into contact with sea water, salt water, chlorinated water or drinks.

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It is recommended that you also read about manufacturers’ commitment to social and environmental issues before purchasing. Source: Fotolia One for All: Universal Chargers On The Rise Since 2011, universal chargers with a micro USB interface are available December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay in the market that are compatible with standard mobile phones. For older models without micro-USB port there are corresponding adapters.


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Although universal devices are slightly more expensive than conventional power supplies, they can be used much longer and used by several people. Since the production of the charger consumes a lot of energy, the environment can be relieved by the use of universal power supply units. Do I really need a new phone? If you do not replace your phone after 2 years, but use it until it is actually broken the biggest contribution to sustainable use. It is therefore worthwhile, before buying a new model to check whether you really need a new phone or whether the old device can continue to be used.

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In addition, a discussion with the mobile service provider is recommended: sometimes there are discounts if you renounce a new mobile phone. Also for automatic mobile phone change in the extension of the usual term contracts, most mobile operators now offer alternatives, such as a bonus payment in the form of a credit. In a new contract so-called SIM-only tariffs, in which the provider receives only a SIM card, an environmentally friendly – and usually also cheap – Option.Energie saved – environment spared A mobile phone consumes resources and energy in all phases of his life.


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Especially with the use can save energy with a few simple rules of conduct – and thus protect the environment. You can find out how this works in our tips for consumers. Source: FotoliaRepeat from old: mobile phones can be recycled. If the old mobile phone has become obsolete, you should not let it dust in the drawer. Since they contain pollutants, mobile phones may under no circumstances be disposed of with household waste – this is prohibited by law.



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If the device still works, it can be resold, given away or donated to a charitable organization. Alternatively, you should dispose of your cell phone professionally and environmentally friendly, so that the contained raw materials can be reused in parts. Find out exactly how mobile phone recycling works here. At the IFA, Sony today unveiled its latest products. In the mobile area, the focus was on the Sony Xperia XZ3 – the new flagship that replaces the Xperia XZ2.


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Buyers who buy the smartphone by the end of 2018 directly from Sony for the RRP of 799 euros, will also receive 12 months of Playstation Plus membership worth 59.99 euros. This gives you access to online multiplayer sessions, exclusive discount promotions and two monthly selected games.


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The manufacturer has a lot of time his predecessor a ls top model not left. Only half a year after its introduction, the Xperia XZ3 is already the next upper-class model. Updates Sony December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay has given him, we tell you.Update from 05. October 2018Xperia XZ3 now available + BonusThe Sony Xperia XZ3 is now available in the colors Black, White Silver, Forest Green and Bordeaux Red as single- and dual-SIM Variant available.

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The Honor 10 offers space for a second Nano-SIM card, so it is dual-SIM capable. Huawei P20, P20 Pro and P20 lite in the smartphone comparison “AI Camera”: The new dual-camera-remarkable makes the KI- Processor but especially in photography. On December 2018 Calendar Marathi the back of the Honor 10 you will find a dual camera, which is recruited by Honor as an “AI Camera”. This is composed of a resolution of 24 megapixels black and white and a 16-megapixel color sensor.

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Both sensors have a f / 1.8 aperture. When recording, the AI ​​processor recognizes the subject and automatically selects the appropriate camera setting. A landscape shot is photographed in a different way than, for example, a cat or a dog, which the processor also recognizes by the way and displays a corresponding icon at the bottom left. According to Honor, a total of more than 500 image scenarios are to be detected by the Kirin 970.


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Similarly, 22 different types of objects. Selfies can also be shot by the P20 series well-known 24-megapixel camera. Even the popular portrait mode is available to selfie friends here Honors at the Honor 10 Source: Honor headphone jack and SuperCharge battery will likely please many buyers that the Honor 10 still has a classic headphone jack. Honor also uses the latest Android and EMUI versions: Android 8.1 Oreo and EMUI 8.1 are preinstalled.


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Even the 3,400 mAh large battery, which can be recharged very quickly thanks to SuperCharge technology, should delight many users with battery problems. 50 percent new battery power should be possible in just 25 minutes of charging time. This is not possible wirelessly, but via USB type C connection. SuperCharge at Honor 10 Source: HonorCare buyers should be the Honor 10 in dealing with water, because an IP certification has the latest flagship from China nicht.

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Zeitnaher Marktstart in China – Europe still has to wait a bit While Honor will present the Honor 10 on May 15 in London for the European market, buyers in the land of the rising sun will not have to wait that long. In China, the Honor 10 will be available from April 27th. Chinese prices are 2,599 yuan for the 4/64 GB version and 2,999 yuan for the larger 6/128 GB version. If one converts this 1: 1 into euros, this corresponds to around 335 or 386 euros.



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But whether this actually roughly corresponds to the European prices remains to be seen. In mid-May we know more and will report live from the event in London at this point. Already with the purchase of mobile phone the environment in the BlickBeim purchase of a new mobile phone you can include ecological aspects in the purchase decision.


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“You can find out on the website of the respective manufacturer, which chemicals are dispensed with, how much power a device consumes, if and how high the proportion of recycled materials,” said Claudia Sprinz, electronics expert at Greenpeace. Although you can not speak of really “green” phones in the previous offer, but December 2018 Calendar Marathi more and more manufacturers are working on greener models. For example, there are smartphones with an integrated photovoltaic module, with which the battery can be charged. Other suppliers are increasingly turning to recyclable materials or modular interchangeable parts.

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The variant with 64 GB of storage costs 400 euros. For 128 GB of storage 450 euros are due. At the start of the sale, Honor lures with a discount of 30 euros. Anyone entering the code ARH18050A9KOYEHM7 at the cash register in Honors online shop will receive the dis December 2018 Calendar Telugu count. and get a Monster Headphone II in-ear headphones for free. But it’s worth it to be quick. The action is limited. Huawei P20 vs.. Honor 10: The Chinese twins in comparison Original message from April 19, 2018Honor 10 presented in ChinaAs announced, today Thursday Honor officially presented the new top model Honor 10 in China during a press conference.

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Already in the past few weeks numerous information and pictures were published, which indicated a cheaper version of the Huawei P20. These rumors have now officially confirmed. The Honor 10 will come in two “Twilight” similar colors and with a Notch, various AI functions and a dual camera on the market. All information on the new Honor flagship has been summarized in this article.


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Technical Huawei P20 with P20 lite displayThe Huawei subsidiary Honor has officially launched the first smartphone with Display Notch. The Honor 10 has, as in the meantime some other smartphones on the market, at the top of a small recess, the so-called Notch. The LCD screen itself measures 5.84 inches and comes in the familiar almost borderless design therefore.


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Not only because of the size and technology, but with a resolution of 2,280 x 1,080 pixels, it is therefore similar to the display, which is already known from the P20 lite Huawei. Only on the lower edge of the display Honor stays true to the well-known design line and installs a home button in which a fingerprint scanner is located. With regard to the classic black version, the Honor 10 is rather colorful.


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Especially the color versions “Mirage Purple” and “Mirage Blue” should please fans of the Twilight version of the Huawei P20 series. Depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing angle, the arched glass back shimmers a bit more blue, sometimes a bit more pink or green. If you like it colorful but a little less colorful, you have a gray variant to choose from. The aluminum frame appears in the appropriate color. It weighs 153 grams and is 7.7 millimeters thick.



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Which colors will be available in Germany is still uncertain. The Honor 10 in Mirage Purple Source: Honor The Honor 10 in Mirage Blue Source: Honor Source: Honor The Honor 10 in Black Source: HonorKI recognized features on boardDa Honor 10 from Kirin 970 Octa Core Processor is also found, many well-known AI functions of Huawei’s P20 series again.



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Thanks to the integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the processor gets to know the user behavior better every day and optimizes its energy and performance resources accordingly. T December 2018 Calendar Telugu he processor’s eight cores clock up to 2.36 GHz and, depending on the version, get support from a 4 or 6 GB RAM. Ajar against this is also the internal memory with either 64 or 128 GB in size. As with the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro this is unfortunately not expandable.

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Here, we recognize a lot of Huawei P20 design, because Honor has designed two color options with a sought-after color gradient, which are really very nice to the bet. For less enthusiasts Honor has December 2018 Calendar South Africa created a gray and a black version. Both are reminiscent of the design of the Honor 9, which blazed monochromatic with the sun around the.Honor 10 in Phantom Green Hands-On in LondonSource: Julia Froolyks / handy.deJe after light incidence shimmers the back of the “Phantom Green” color variant a bit more purple , something more green or even blue.


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Intelligent dual camera on the back of the glassThe glossy and very smooth backside of the Honor 10 also houses the dual camera, which has many AI functions. Honor calls the camera therefore also “AI camera”. Again, we will do extensive testing in the coming days. The camera has also been technically improved compared to the dual camera of the Honor 9.Horor 10 camera in phantom greenSource: Julia Froolyks / handy.deA dual camera with the lettering “AI Camera” can be found on the back.


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Overall, the Honor 10 is quite light and delicate. The glass back is seamless in its aluminum frame which surrounds the display in 18: 9 format just as perfectly. As far as processing is concerned, the Honor 10 is at a high level. Thanks to the young brand, which wants to seduce especially digital natives, also the experienced Huawei-mother, who has been putting more and more emphasis on a flawless design for several years.Thus the Honor 10 feels like the new Honor flagship is good and very cuddly in the hand.


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Without a cover, the back is quite slippery – whether the Honor 10 is just as vulnerable, slowly but surely to slip from smooth surfaces, the endurance test must still show. Apart from that, the Honor 10 is a flatterer. The side buttons are easy to reach with one hand and have a pleasant pressure point. The SIM card slot for two Nano-SIM cards is just as perfectly embedded in the case as the USB-Type-C-Port below, which is supposed to charge the Honor 10 fast thanks to SuperCharge technology.


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Right next to it is the joy of many smartphone users a 3.5 mm jack port. Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.1: A perfect interaction Yet Android 8.1 is the latest, what can be installed on an Android smartphone. This will change very soon, because with Android P is a very reworked operating system in the starting blocks. The Honor 10 will probably also enjoy Android 9 P. Bi s then the software of the flagship shows as a successful composition of Android basics and Huawei fragrance.



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Scrolling, wiping, multitasking – everything runs smoothly – a circumstance that you no longer have to mention these days. The menu navigation is as usual intuitive and small step.


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You can quickly reach your destination – despite countless options that Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.1 offer. The editors of is very excited about the performance of the handsome smar December 2018 Calendar South Africa tphone. The mobile phone test for Honor 10 will follow in the coming days. The Honor 10 is available in two different memory sizes.

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You may also want to see how new furniture is made at home – even before you buy it! Fantastic DisplaysThe large 16.25cm (6.4 “) HD quality screen and superb Dolby® sound transform it Phab 2 smartphone in a mini-cinema that you always have with you – perfect for watching videos or chatting with friends and colleagues.Extremely Blank December 2018 Calendar long battery lifeWhat do you say to 23 hours without having to recharge the phone? Imagine what you do everything in this time: send text messages without interruption, watch videos, play Android games – or just make a phone call!

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Professional CamerasLook forward to great photos you’ll take with high-resolution cameras – with the 16 MP RGB camera In addition, the Huawei subsidiary Honor in China introduced the new Honor 10 three weeks ago Chinese market i For Honor still the most lucrative and so the honor community in Europe had to be patient.


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The editorial team of accompanied the launch event in London live and closely examined the mobile phone, which is very similar to the Huawei P20, in Hands-On.An adult Honor 9What sees the Honor 10 compared to its predecessor quite right that the Honor 10 has developed strongly. For a teenager you have not seen for a year, you would say, “You grew up, almost grown up!”


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The Honor 10 feels very similar. The Honor 9 had already undergone considerable development. With the successor of the established Huawei subsidiary succeeds the next leap. The Honor 10 alone has optically very strong in 2018 arrived. Honor’s design line is clearly traceable to Huawei’s current concept. On the front, we see the Honor 10’s Notch, a rimless design and a much lower edge, which houses the fingerprint sensor directly under the glass.


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Honor 10: Smart step forward In comparison to the Honor 9, it’s a terrific step. A little less power compared to the Huawei P20: The display panel of the Honor 10 is based on LCD technology and dissolves at 2,280 x 1,080 pixels. The size of 5.84 inches is nothing special anymore. Already the Huawei P20 lite liked this screen. During hands-on sessions in closed rooms, the Honor 10’s display glowed brightly.



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Exciting is the luminosity test only in daylight, which we will make in the coming days as part of the extensive mobile phone test for Honor 10.Design and notch of the Huawei P20The discussion about the Display Notch is now flattened. Either you like them or you do not like them. Honor has found a solution for both camps here in the settings of the Honor 10: The notch can be “hidden” on the software side by two black bars on the left and right.


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The front design of the Honor 10 has succeeded. The side edges are paper-thin and extend to the lower edge, where they lead into the wider bridge for the fingerprint sensor.Honor 10 front Blank December 2018 Calendar with Notch in the hands-on source: Julia Froolyks / handy.deAlso the Honor 10 has a display notch. Exciting is the back of the new honor flagship.

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Conductive fibers are woven into the jacket sleeve and a small button is attached, which reacts to pressure and wiping movements. The material can connect to the smartphone. From Wed December 2018 Calendar Cute nesday, the jacket for 350 dollars (about 300 euros) in the US to have.Google technology is aimed at cyclistsAs can be seen in a video published by Levi Strauss, the “jacket to make calls” addressed to road users, primarily Bike-rider.

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By telephoning and navigating by pressing a button on the jacket, road users should keep their eyes on the road. “It’s not about technology for the sake of technology,” said Paul Dillinger of Levi Strauss. Rather, the product reacts to a “real need of our consumers on the way”. Google engineer Ivan Poupyrev praised the product in a blog primarily as a garment – it was above all “a jacket” that could be washed like any other denim jacket, only without the removable technology, and also comfortable and warm.

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The jacket is available from Wednesday in selected US stores and from 2 October in the Levi online shop. Their partnership to develop the smart garment was announced by Levi Strauss and Google about two years ago. At the smart phone show in Barcelona, ​​also known as MWC, ASUS released two new smartphone flagships to bring fresh momentum to the portfolio. The two phones are called ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5z.



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The special features of the new top duo in the high-end segment are revealed by the editorial staff of PARTS Like every year, many fresh products are displayed at the MWC. Whether small niche manufacturers or large global corporations: the primary focus is on the release of new smartphones. Almost every manufacturer wants to be here and draw attention to his devices.



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Asus does not stay away from this spectacle. The technology company is showing two new models, the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Z, which are intended to revive their own premium segment. The devices come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 in the ZenFone 5 and Snapdragon 845 in the ZenFone 5Z to the buyer and get help from 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM. The dual camera is AI-assisted and learns the user’s preferences over time.


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The system has a total of 16 different AI features, such as AI Photo Learning or AI Scene Detection. For additional performance boost in games and demanding applications provides the so-called ASUS AI Boost. LTE connections are possible with LTE Cat 12, so with up to 600 Mbit / s in down and maxi smartphones from Lenovo have a variety of features that meet all your needs.


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Whatever you desire – brilliant displays, professional cameras or extremely long battery life – Lenovo offers some of the best Android smartphones on the market at attractive prices. Enhanced RealityWith the Phab 2 Pro Smartphone, Tango ™ technology allows you December 2018 Calendar Cute to play stunning games and even redecorate your home, at least virtually. Experience Android games and games in augmented reality – fight aliens in your kitchen or take a walk in the living room with your dinosaur.