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But the panorama is not new for Núñez Seixas, who argues that nationalism Spanish has always been latent. Yes, he sees that the bet uncomplicated for the recentralization is new. He considers that Pablo April 2019 Calendar Telugu Casado, in the competition with Albert Rivera, has been awarded the prize in this subject. But if one thing has manifested, it is “the conception that democracy is not deliberation, but simply compliance with laws.”

April 2019 Calendar Telugu

“A meta-authoritarian idea that the Constitution is an unmovable symbol but that they can then skip as they want,” he says. Núñez Seixas believes that in Spanish nationalism “there is no one who thinks”, and that the strategy for the future will remain the same: the train clash. On the pretext of putting aside the flags and looking for a way To disassociate the situation, in a moment of maximum tension between Catalonia and Spain, thousands of people throughout the state dressed in white one year ago and went out to demand more dialogue between the Spanish government and the Generalitat.

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“Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk” was his motto, and also the name of the initiative driven by four friends who were worried about the lack of dialogue. A year later they regret that there are no advances and, despite the continuity of repression, white flags have disappeared from the streets and continue silent. Why? “We were overwhelmed by the events,” explains the spokesman of the platform, Guillermo Fernández, in ARA, which states that in March they made a rally in favor of the freedom of expression that was not very seconded.

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“If we mount something, we must do it right,” he admits. However, there are no reasons to go out on the street. “There is a competition for Spanish players to see who has the biggest flag. On the other hand, it does not seem that there is a abandonment of the unilateral route or, at least, definitive, “says Fernández.”


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The fact that such prominent people as Oriol Junqueras are in jail without a trial is not at all common And, above all, it does not seem the most reasonable or fairer thing, “considers this activist of the dialogue, who regrets that the change in the judicial pathway has complicated this scenario of understanding between the Catalan and Spanish executives.


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Although the reasons to protest are still alive, and that the repression of the State keeps the jailed Catalan leaders, the demonstrations for dialogue, after the application of 155 and the subsequent elections on December 21, 2017, have been almost null. And that the first demonstrations were able to achieve a certain success, both in Catalonia and in other Spanish cities, especially in Madrid, where the white flags came to fill Gom a Gom the Cibeles.

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The group, defined as a non-partisan, has suffered the effects of polarization and has seen how the Spanish-language demonstrations throughout the State, or the independentists in Catalonia, surpassed them in number until the initiative was shut down. According to Fernández, the Declaration of independence of October 27 and the April 2019 Calendar Telugu subsequent application of article 155 helped to ensure that there is currently “an inflammation of the nationalist vein in the rest of Spain, which means that now anything can be threatening with a 155.

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