April 2019 Calendar Spanish

April 2019 Calendar Spanish Word

They also helped me with the Croatian bureaucracy, “says Merszalek, who leads a very successful startup of Entrio. Smaller shares in these startups do not hold the Zagreb Incubator of Entrepreneurship directly, but the limited liability company, which, together with the crowdfunding Seeders platform, ZIP The people were founded in the United Kingdom April 2019 Calendar Spanish on behalf of all small investors in the equity crowdfunding campaign.

April 2019 Calendar Spanish

The algebra has now not taken over the co-ownership of the startups, they replied, and what further plans of the zipmen with the London company “ZIP Accelerator 1 LP” were not able to be found. It’s the founder, the ZIP Zagreb Association tells us. On the other hand, the team that develops AlgebraLab now has eight employees, and it seems that they lack the idea of ​​expanding the “laboratory” business and attracting financial resources.

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For example, they have already been included in the list of fully operational EU Digital Innovation Hubs, which is part of a program launched by the European Commission in order to motivate entrepreneurs to connect better with development and research centers.


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“Digital Innovation Centers in this program will be additionally important in the next financial period of the European Union, from 2021 to 2027, when it will be in the role of a link between several programs and initiatives related to the digital economy – Digital Europe (artificial intelligence, cyber security), InvestEU (access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises), Horizon Europe (cross-border cooperation of digital industry, experiments and research in small and medium-sized enterprises) and the European Regional Development Fund.

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Most funds intended for the digitization of the economy, which is EUR 9.2 billion for the mentioned budget period, will be promoted through cooperation with the DIH, “says Ana Brkljačić. It is estimated that one of the “funnels” for this money in Croatia will be AlgebraLab. Otherwise, there is one such hub in Croatia on the European Commission’s list, called CROBOHUB-Croatian Robotics Digital Innovation Hub, which was launched by the Nikola Tesla Innovation Center (cooperating with FER).

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The business incubation that Zip conducted, adds , Algebra will add a new value – digital technology, since this is what most are dealing with at the school, from programming through digital marketing to big data. The difference in the concept with respect to the ZIP could even be read from messages from the walls. While Mihovil Barančić, for example, appeared in the ZIP with the label “Done is better than perfect” (the better to try to be perfect), the inscription in AlgebraLab posing by Ana Brkljačić is “Great ideas are always around you” (Great ideas are always around you).

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From all of this it is clear that the business idea of ​​its “laboratory” is quite elastic and very ambitious, and the startups are just a part of the story. On the one hand, it will be an innovation-business incubator and a coworking space, but with another digital research and devel April 2019 Calendar Spanish opment center for companies and state administration, the “place of private and public sector encounter”, as they are described, specifically dealing with Leo Mršić, employed in the information company IN2data, today the head of the Department for Data Analysis at the Algebra University College.

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