April 2019 Calendar South Africa

April 2019 Calendar South Africa Blank

No livestock or water is used for any other purpose except for personal needs in the household – he told us yesterday.Reclamation of the water meterThe Municipal Director Ilija Lešić points out that everything about water meters and calibrations is precisely regulated by law. – We are one of the rare a company that changes water meters every five years. If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the water meter, it April 2019 Calendar South Africa can be advertised in writing, the procedure lasts for approximately seven days, while the State Bureau checks it and we will provide a replacement water meter at that time.

April 2019 Calendar South Africa


If it is determined that the water meter is defective, the citizen has the right to settle the costs – he explains. He notes that these days the chief inspector at Croatian Radio spoke about this and said that as many as 99 percent of the watermarks surveyed by the citizens were correct. – The case that you mentioned that all taps are closed and the meter is still rotating, unfortunately , shows something else.

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This is a sign of water leaking somewhere, most likely in the installation that leads to the house, but it can also be in the house. In that case, it needs to react immediately. We provide users with free help and send people to the field because it is possible that the pipe due to the age of the installation is somewhere missing or something else is happening – Lešić says.Prazne kućeNapominies that regular water meters are constantly read every month in order to keep the situation as realistic as possible on a day-to-day basis.


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Municipal staff have the suggestion that, when they see 30 percent higher consumption than usual, they immediately alert the citizens. “As for pressure issues, we have invested a lot of money into his regulations to get the same pressure, we have a meter and he’s about four bars. Honestly, we would like companies to reduce pressure, but we do not know how citizens react.

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Because there is a fourth floor problem in residential buildings. If we reduced it to three bars, which would be enough for family homes, we would have far fewer failures, which is a clean cost, because we have to hire people out of time, of course, it costs them all. But we still do not want to experiment, so we will not achieve a counter-effect, “concluded Lešić. He points out that the big problem is becoming empty houses and as an example he states that a woman from Germany who had a $ 8,000 water bill came to these days.


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The pipe collapsed in the courtyard building, the water escaped and there is a big problem. We can consume, get judgment and we will not be able to charge, and additional costs have been made and ultimately pay the users through the price of water.




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That is why we appeal to citizens to have any doubts and what they see immediately to be able to react and prevent such cases in time to avoid at least part of the unnecessary costs – calls the director April 2019 Calendar South Africa of the Commune. The Kinetic Association of Slatina organized a two-day festival and a test of the inherited characteristics of the birds of the birds and the swarms.

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