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I think the family is a form of fragile stability or permanent instability. Although I work extensively outside Italy, I keep track of what’s happening every day. But that populism and nationalism are valid for Italy as well as for Croatia and Hungary and Poland and Austria and that Mr. Macron in the French sakou, which is also a variant of the Croatian April 2019 Calendar Editable Living Wall. But they are not the ones who are in power, says Plato, but we who do not know how to propose an alternative.

April 2019 Calendar Editable

I claim someone has deliberately killed the left. In Italy, the remains of this wounded bull were deliberately killed by Mr. Matteo Renzi, in Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, in Hungary the last socialist and millionaire who was totally uninterested in the problems of the poor, who led Orban to power, as well as in Austria, where dormancy and compromise led to power this ultradesnicar japija.

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You have often criticized former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic earlier. How do you look at the situation in the SDP today? Davor Bernardić is the only consequence of this strike. I look at it every day and I can not believe it. On the one hand, this is a will for power, on the other, only the will to change nothing, which is the will of most social democrats in Croatia, because they are expensive interests.

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Croatia can not be new left without civil revival. As far as I can see, Zagreb has lost its backbone. When I came here in 1985, there was, say, the Zagreb bourgeois class who spoke German. I joined with translator Jankom Marinkovic, old Raukar (Mladen Raukar, pianist, music instructor, director and television editor, op.) And many others whom I later met in Vienna. It was a civic, very liberal class.

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They provided resistance to trivia in the Communist Party, but they were not right-wingers. They had a sense of justice. This city has lost that honorable position that says: ‘Let’s see what can not be done. What is unacceptable. ‘ Without this, the left can not be refuted today. Without even having to be aware that you should not just take it, it should be given. Sometimes I lose to give to others.

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Left here can only be recovered on the remains of the SDP because it is the only left-wing party that has a legitimate decent organization, but as long as they do not clear it, nothing will change. What do you think, what time is it necessary, who are they people? It seems to me at least ten years. At this point, if there is no outsider in the SDP, if a Markovina, which I really sympathize, does not make a total change, I do not see anyone. What else do you remember Zagreb and Croatia?

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It’s all horribly trivialized since the eighties. For the first time I came as a kid of 26 years and in Dubrovnik set up ‘Mandragole’. In the 1990s, I had the first and only Prime Minister to perform at noon in Zagreb, because it was a time of alarm and darkening. How do you remember April 2019 Calendar Editable the nineties, because they said to me, ‘There is Italy there.’ It was 1991, when the community of artists had a meeting in which it was stated that people like Kica.

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