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Problems in Aluminum have lasted for years, and they were especially updated this summer when suddenly a sudden change of manager Maria Gadzic came to an end, and the new Management May 2019 Calendar Word and trade union transferred the entire responsibility to the Government. 900 employees are currently employed in the giant giant, but 40,000 people are directly or indirectly dependent on it.

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Croatia is still one of the co-owners of the company with a 12 percent share. Talian officials have to stop bringing the euro into question and have to calm the budget debate because they have already done damage to businesses and households, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Saturday.

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The Italian government in the war is saying with European officials about the Rome plan to triple the deficit next year. At the end of September, the government presented budget targets that set a budget deficit of 2.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for the next three years, a triple increase “The budget expansion in a highly indebted country is becoming even more complicated … if people start questioning the euro,” Draghi told a press conference in Indonesia at the annual session of the International Monetary Fund.

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“These statements … they caused real damage, “said Draghi. “As a result, households and businesses are paying more interest on loans.” The sale of Italian government bonds took a mache after a Eurosceptic League leader, economist Claudio Borghi, said the economic situation in Italy would have been more favorable for the country not to be a member of the eurozone.Premda Borghi is not a minister in the government and did not indicate that the government plans to leave the euro, his statements provoked a jump in yields on Italian government bonds to 3.4 percent, the highest level in four and a half years.

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“The first thing they need to do is to calm the tone,” said Draghi, the former governor of the Italian central bank. On Wall Street, on Friday, the S & P 500 index rose for the first time in six days, as investors estimated that it was a good opportunity to buy shares after a sharp drop in the price of the previous days.Dow Jones boosted 287 points or 1.15 percent to 25,339 points, while the S & P 500 rose 1.42 percent to 2.767 points, while the Nasdaq index 2.29 percent on 7,496 points.

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The first growth of the S & P 500 index after six days is thanks to the positioning of investors at the beginning of the quarterly release of the company’s quarterly business results, and after a sharp drop in the price of the previous days.

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In the past two days, the S & P 500 sank more than 5 percent , with the biggest drop in share prices in technology It was yesterday, however, that the sector led by an average share price rise May 2019 Calendar Word of 3.2 percent, with Apple and Microsoft increasing the most. “Investors started buying because they believe that the prices of these shares fell too much.

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Also, they will hold Labs and high-speed workshops and seminars and issue them with the so-called. nano-diplomas, so the focus is clearly set on Algebra core business, education and R & D as part of the digital transformation of society. Entry into entrepreneurship May 2019 Calendar PDF through technological startups is offered as a possible step, if and when the students are taken away. They tell us it’s ZIP 2.0, but it’s just a description of the new concept because ZIP we did not know anymore.

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In the meantime, there were several other addresses for startups, and dish on them is also in the Technological Park at the Fair, where Startup Factory Zagreb, a city administration project, works. Aluminij from Mostar on Sunday, due to huge debts, threatens to shut down the electricity. If this happens, the company’s management warns of dangerous catastrophic scenarios that could follow.

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The consequences, they argue, could be a complete failure of the plant: “freezing” liquid aluminum in electrolytic cells, then very likely explosions and potential threats to workers. According to their calculations, restarting only one planned shutdown cell would cost more than 90,000 euros. But as Aluminum has a total of 256 electrolytic cells, which would be abruptly and unplanned, the total cost of restarting production in the company would reach, said the company’s management, at about half a billion euros.

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For this reason, the Administration of Mostar Aluminum sent an appeal to the competent they get up and react. The workers, however, said they would physically disable the company’s disconnection from the electricity distribution network.Dražen Pandža, e.g. director of Aluminij, acknowledged that companies are in big trouble, that electricity bills have reached enormous amounts.

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– Aluminum does not have time by Friday. We are still in the process of announcing the announcement from the NOS BiH for disconnection from the electricity network. We urge the Government of the FBiH to react to the ISO by the end of the week and explicitly request suspension of exclusion, but also to act in the direction of finding a solution for supplying Aluminum with electricity, with necessary guarantees for payment.

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For a long time we are warning about the situation, we warn the owners, we ask for their active participation in solving the problem because the situation is so complex that we can not solve it ourselves – said PandžaDrazen Pandža claims that the Government of the Federation of BiH still obliged to subsidize costs on 17 June 2013 electricity.


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In return, it demanded a larger share of the ownership, which it received, recalled and continued, but did not fulfill its obligation. The interruption of electricity supply would cause insurmountable consequences and would destroy what failed the war. Aluminij still has 48 hours of life, if this country does not see the future for us, let’s say we also know what to do for us, “Pandža concluded. After the company’s top May 2019 Calendar PDF officials said the media were addressed by representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Aluminij employees who said they would not allow the power cut off at any price.

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They also helped me with the Croatian bureaucracy, “says Merszalek, who leads a very successful startup of Entrio. Smaller shares in these startups do not hold the Zagreb Incubator of Entrepreneurship directly, but the limited liability company, which, together with the crowdfunding Seeders platform, ZIP The people were founded in the United Kingdom April 2019 Calendar Spanish on behalf of all small investors in the equity crowdfunding campaign.

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The algebra has now not taken over the co-ownership of the startups, they replied, and what further plans of the zipmen with the London company “ZIP Accelerator 1 LP” were not able to be found. It’s the founder, the ZIP Zagreb Association tells us. On the other hand, the team that develops AlgebraLab now has eight employees, and it seems that they lack the idea of ​​expanding the “laboratory” business and attracting financial resources.

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For example, they have already been included in the list of fully operational EU Digital Innovation Hubs, which is part of a program launched by the European Commission in order to motivate entrepreneurs to connect better with development and research centers.


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“Digital Innovation Centers in this program will be additionally important in the next financial period of the European Union, from 2021 to 2027, when it will be in the role of a link between several programs and initiatives related to the digital economy – Digital Europe (artificial intelligence, cyber security), InvestEU (access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises), Horizon Europe (cross-border cooperation of digital industry, experiments and research in small and medium-sized enterprises) and the European Regional Development Fund.

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Most funds intended for the digitization of the economy, which is EUR 9.2 billion for the mentioned budget period, will be promoted through cooperation with the DIH, “says Ana Brkljačić. It is estimated that one of the “funnels” for this money in Croatia will be AlgebraLab. Otherwise, there is one such hub in Croatia on the European Commission’s list, called CROBOHUB-Croatian Robotics Digital Innovation Hub, which was launched by the Nikola Tesla Innovation Center (cooperating with FER).

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The business incubation that Zip conducted, adds , Algebra will add a new value – digital technology, since this is what most are dealing with at the school, from programming through digital marketing to big data. The difference in the concept with respect to the ZIP could even be read from messages from the walls. While Mihovil Barančić, for example, appeared in the ZIP with the label “Done is better than perfect” (the better to try to be perfect), the inscription in AlgebraLab posing by Ana Brkljačić is “Great ideas are always around you” (Great ideas are always around you).

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From all of this it is clear that the business idea of ​​its “laboratory” is quite elastic and very ambitious, and the startups are just a part of the story. On the one hand, it will be an innovation-business incubator and a coworking space, but with another digital research and devel April 2019 Calendar Spanish opment center for companies and state administration, the “place of private and public sector encounter”, as they are described, specifically dealing with Leo Mršić, employed in the information company IN2data, today the head of the Department for Data Analysis at the Algebra University College.

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At the beginning of October, the Board of Directors and NO Petrokemija were canceled because of the prevented members of the NO. At that session, consideration should be given to the adoption of a April 2019 Calendar To Print decision on the implementation of the procedure for increasing the share capital to investments in rights, money investments and establishing the rules for the allocation of new ordinary shares.

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Namely, Petrokemija’s shareholders made decisions on the coverage of last year’s loss at the General Assembly on July 9th, as well as the decision to increase the share capital to a maximum of 450 million kunas in cash and issuance of new shares .


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In the General Assembly, decisions were made on covering the loss realized in 2017, on the increase of the share capital in the shares in the money and the issuance of new shares and the granting of shares to be authorized without the obligation to publish the takeover bid.


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“This has created the conditions for the final process of realization of the company’s restructuring program and the legal framework for the recapitalization of Petrochemicals,” said the Mineral Fertilizer Producer. According to the Assembly’s decisions, Petrokemias’s core capital will first be increased by the stake in rights, from 42.9 HRK 492.9 million, or HRK 450 million.

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This will be done by issuing new 45 million shares, nominating 10 kunas, and these new shares will be subscribed and paid by the State through the Center for Restructuring and Sales (CERP). The Mayor’s decision to buy 450 million kuna of Petrochemical’s claims on banks is the backbone of this. In accordance with this decision, Petrokemija’s Management Board has signed additional loan contracts from Erste & Steiermarkische banka, Croatian Postal Bank and Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development with a new lender – Republic of Croatia, in the total amount of HRK 450 million.

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To cover the loss of Petrokemija in the amount of HRK 242.6 million, the Assembly also made a decision on a simplified reduction in share capital by merging shares from HRK 492.9 million to HRK 100.3 million. With the coverage of a loss of HRK 242.6 million, the remaining HRK 150 million of the decrease in share capital would have been entered into the capital reserve. After that, the share capital of HRK 100.3 million would be increased to a maximum of HRK 450 million, ie up to 550 , 3 million. This recapitalization would be carried out by cash payment, by issuing at least 40 million to a maximum of 45 million new ordinary shares of a single nominal value of 10 kunas.

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As reported by Petrokemija, the purpose of recapitalization is to raise funds for investments that ensure and improve the production, restructuring and financing of liquid In May, Ina announced the intention to participate in the recapitalization of Petrokemija with a sum of 150 million kuna and announced that it will intend to show together with the First Gas Company (PPD). In September, the Agency for Competition April 2019 Calendar To Print (CET) allowed concentration by which Ina and PPD invested in the recapitalization of the Prison Company, and through a special purpose company Terra Mineral Fertilizers (TMG), indirectly gained joint control over the pruning company.

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I think the family is a form of fragile stability or permanent instability. Although I work extensively outside Italy, I keep track of what’s happening every day. But that populism and nationalism are valid for Italy as well as for Croatia and Hungary and Poland and Austria and that Mr. Macron in the French sakou, which is also a variant of the Croatian April 2019 Calendar Editable Living Wall. But they are not the ones who are in power, says Plato, but we who do not know how to propose an alternative.

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I claim someone has deliberately killed the left. In Italy, the remains of this wounded bull were deliberately killed by Mr. Matteo Renzi, in Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, in Hungary the last socialist and millionaire who was totally uninterested in the problems of the poor, who led Orban to power, as well as in Austria, where dormancy and compromise led to power this ultradesnicar japija.

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You have often criticized former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic earlier. How do you look at the situation in the SDP today? Davor Bernardić is the only consequence of this strike. I look at it every day and I can not believe it. On the one hand, this is a will for power, on the other, only the will to change nothing, which is the will of most social democrats in Croatia, because they are expensive interests.

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Croatia can not be new left without civil revival. As far as I can see, Zagreb has lost its backbone. When I came here in 1985, there was, say, the Zagreb bourgeois class who spoke German. I joined with translator Jankom Marinkovic, old Raukar (Mladen Raukar, pianist, music instructor, director and television editor, op.) And many others whom I later met in Vienna. It was a civic, very liberal class.

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They provided resistance to trivia in the Communist Party, but they were not right-wingers. They had a sense of justice. This city has lost that honorable position that says: ‘Let’s see what can not be done. What is unacceptable. ‘ Without this, the left can not be refuted today. Without even having to be aware that you should not just take it, it should be given. Sometimes I lose to give to others.

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Left here can only be recovered on the remains of the SDP because it is the only left-wing party that has a legitimate decent organization, but as long as they do not clear it, nothing will change. What do you think, what time is it necessary, who are they people? It seems to me at least ten years. At this point, if there is no outsider in the SDP, if a Markovina, which I really sympathize, does not make a total change, I do not see anyone. What else do you remember Zagreb and Croatia?

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It’s all horribly trivialized since the eighties. For the first time I came as a kid of 26 years and in Dubrovnik set up ‘Mandragole’. In the 1990s, I had the first and only Prime Minister to perform at noon in Zagreb, because it was a time of alarm and darkening. How do you remember April 2019 Calendar Editable the nineties, because they said to me, ‘There is Italy there.’ It was 1991, when the community of artists had a meeting in which it was stated that people like Kica.