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I have no idea why, but I come to some situations that I think I need to change, repair, and upgrade them. It can always do better. If I could, and after the premiere, I would have to try. At what point you forgive and finish the show? That moment does not exist. I hear April 2019 Calendar Singapore that general will be a public, but that does not concern me. That’s my test.

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If something is wrong, I’ll stop the test. I’m not sure I will not have another probe on the premiere day. This text is easy to put in a bourgeois reading. It is a veritable reproduction of family life. The basic problem of claustrophobia is dictated by family life. The text has liberated the physical claustrophobia by placing the work on a huge billboard full of flowers, something typical of the American south, something Italian houses, Mediterranean.

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We have freed the closed space of the villa to create the congestion in the open space. Because it’s not just a confusing family. This world is contagious. How does the theme of the family correspond to the treatment of this topic in Croatia today? It is unbelievably corresponded to this time of new conservatism.

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It would be unfair to say that, in Croatia. This country is just following the steps of Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy and France. This is a new conservatism and I am delighted to say new conservatism because it is more or less a new aspect of fascism that takes on the guts in Europe. History does not repeat but reproduces some terrible experiences in new forms. Tennessee Williams was wearing a transparent front, inviting people not to look at it because the text was highly censored in conservative America at the time, and he himself was thrown out of the screenwriting team.

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Today, we have ultra-conservative America, so nothing has changed here since the 1950s. So do not expect them to sit in the show, drink coffee, smoke, and discuss their life. What are the problems with the emphasis of the play? The problem of extraordinary materialism, grammar and who will pay a huge inheritance reveals what kind of people. Then the problem of homosexuality, which was forbidden, and the relation between Bricko and Skipper relativized and normalized, to talk about it as something that is commonplace.

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We have one pop, and it is not defined which faith it belongs to, because I believe all monotheistic faiths have the same tendency to punish us. Basically, we are clearly opposed to primitivism. What is family for you? If I went to look at my family as a young man, I could say that she was a factory of all possible repression and frustration.

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That it is the source of all my tortures. I’ve been trying and trying my family, but how successful I can not tell. I have three children, and the youngest is about to have a seventeen birthday April 2019 Calendar Singapore celebrating in Dortmund while I’m in Zagreb. This is a pity, but it does not exist, maybe it is only in ideal situations, communities like a family where there is no stress, a crisis and the ugly she should not experience it.

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The company in the first half of the year operates with a positive operating result, thus achieving a significantly better trend with respect to the previous periods. This year, Varteks celebrates 100 years April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay of business, and in the Administration, they state that this is a real moment and an additional motive for the company’s new development phase,

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which will ensure sustainable growth. On the eve of the recent premiere of Tennessee William’s “Hot Lime Roof” cat in Zagreb’s HNK, we talked with director Paula Magellie, who reveals how the last tests look, why it’s difficult to finish the show and how it works for the first time with Zrink Cvitešić and Filip Vidović .

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As an active participant of Zagreb’s cultural scene, Magelli recalls exciting times of the eighties, heavy words from the nineties and very openly criticizes the collapse of the Left and the rise of neoconservativism, which he says, “I am happy to say new conservatism because it is more or less a new aspect of fascism that takes on the Earth in Europe.

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Not to play consistently! It’s boring, flah … The characters’ logic is that they are twenty percent beyond that. Like the sun shines. Without that shadow, you would not see the light. You need to find out what that other side is. ‘ These words reached through the hallway in front of the Croatian National Theater hall in Zagreb, a few minutes after director Paolo Magelli completed the test of ‘Cats on a Hot Tin Roof’.

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It sounds temperamental, lively, as if to jump right into the scene and show how it should look. In front of the stage he talks to young actor Filip Vidović. He has given him the role of Bricka, and he has a different title role on the boards of HNK after successfully playing Sandy in ‘Ciganin but the most beautiful one.’ “Philip is a young man with a complex intellectual structure that is terribly interested in me. We open that box.

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We’ll see what’s coming out, “Magelli tells us before the interview ten days ahead of the premiere of Tennessee Williams’s cult drama that will be performed on October 13th. With Vidovic, as well as with Zrink Cvitešić, who plays Maggie’s role, Magelline works for the first time, though, he says, is accustomed to working with a team that he sees as a family. Among them, this time Željka Udovičić Pleština as a playwright, assisted by director Tamara Damjanović, music played by Mrle from Leta 3 and Ivanka Mazurkijević …

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‘Meeting with Zrink is completely unexpected, moreover, when I was watching at Medvešč in to play ‘Who sings, evil does not mean’, plays something completely different from what I have been thinking of, ‘he adds, and adds a little bit to the insight:’ Zrinka carries some such fantastic world. ‘How do you feel after an intense mettle test in the April 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay  final of the show? It’s always a feeling of love excitement. There are traces of everything we did. It is unbelievable that even today, and I already know the full text of the story, remember when I come home I need to take a text and review it again.

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“More politicized, and close to the sovereign postulates, was another initiative that arose last year in the Spanish capital, Madrid for the Right to Decide. The platform, which was defined as April 2019 Calendar Marathi non-independents but defended the 1-O, came to convene multitudinous acts in the Spanish capital due to the fact that a judge prohibited them from using a public place.

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Like that of the white flags, this mobilization, after the which also had sectors close to the left of Madrid’s alternative and to the nationalistic movements of the left-wingers of Castile, it has been extinguished over the months. The fight of politics The promoters of Parlem-Hablemos consider that their message is in force.

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“It would be nice if the situation of prisoners and exiles were different because, as long as this is not addressed, there will not be a frank dialogue. And, above all, the fundamental issues can not be dealt with, “says Fernández, a political science researcher, who considers that the situation in which the Spanish government is found” is the consequence of a certain abandonment of the PP’s policy, attempt to judge everything “. Despite the difficulties, the dialogue that claimed the white flags of a year ago begins to timidly advance.

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To the newly elected leader of the Croatian Exporters’ Association, the mandate lasts for four years starting on October 16, 2018. Ivan Perkovic is the new director of fashion and textile company Varteks. He took over the function after Zoran Košćec, who goes to the position of a consultant for strategic projects where he will be focused on several development projects of Varteks. The change is taking place during the restructuring process which intensified after the recapitalization of Varteks in the first half of this year which enabled the company’s orientation towards the development phase, told the CEO of this company.

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In this context, we have already begun to work in the future to optimize the supply, distribution and sales channels, to open up new digital sales segments, and to establish stronger co-operation with domestic and foreign partners. These activities should enable sustainable development of the company in the future.

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The new director of Varteks came to the company in July in the position of a member of the Management Board responsible for finance and restructuring. He came from RALU Logistics from the position of the President of the Management Board. Perković came to RALU in 2010 and there he got there, he noted from the Management Board of Varteks, a wealth of experience in the positions of the Director of Finance, Acceptance, Integration and Informatics to become a Member of the Management Board. In 2016, he took over the company’s top position.


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During his mandate, they added, revenue and profitability of the company increased, partner network expanded and Serbian logistics capacities were overwhelmed. At the same time it was from the beginning in the narrower team of the opening of one of the most modern logistics April 2019 Calendar Marathi and distribution centers in Rugvica near Zagreb.Prior to joining RALU Logistics, Perkovic worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the audit firm.

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But the panorama is not new for Núñez Seixas, who argues that nationalism Spanish has always been latent. Yes, he sees that the bet uncomplicated for the recentralization is new. He considers that Pablo April 2019 Calendar Telugu Casado, in the competition with Albert Rivera, has been awarded the prize in this subject. But if one thing has manifested, it is “the conception that democracy is not deliberation, but simply compliance with laws.”

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“A meta-authoritarian idea that the Constitution is an unmovable symbol but that they can then skip as they want,” he says. Núñez Seixas believes that in Spanish nationalism “there is no one who thinks”, and that the strategy for the future will remain the same: the train clash. On the pretext of putting aside the flags and looking for a way To disassociate the situation, in a moment of maximum tension between Catalonia and Spain, thousands of people throughout the state dressed in white one year ago and went out to demand more dialogue between the Spanish government and the Generalitat.

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“Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk” was his motto, and also the name of the initiative driven by four friends who were worried about the lack of dialogue. A year later they regret that there are no advances and, despite the continuity of repression, white flags have disappeared from the streets and continue silent. Why? “We were overwhelmed by the events,” explains the spokesman of the platform, Guillermo Fernández, in ARA, which states that in March they made a rally in favor of the freedom of expression that was not very seconded.

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“If we mount something, we must do it right,” he admits. However, there are no reasons to go out on the street. “There is a competition for Spanish players to see who has the biggest flag. On the other hand, it does not seem that there is a abandonment of the unilateral route or, at least, definitive, “says Fernández.”


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The fact that such prominent people as Oriol Junqueras are in jail without a trial is not at all common And, above all, it does not seem the most reasonable or fairer thing, “considers this activist of the dialogue, who regrets that the change in the judicial pathway has complicated this scenario of understanding between the Catalan and Spanish executives.


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Although the reasons to protest are still alive, and that the repression of the State keeps the jailed Catalan leaders, the demonstrations for dialogue, after the application of 155 and the subsequent elections on December 21, 2017, have been almost null. And that the first demonstrations were able to achieve a certain success, both in Catalonia and in other Spanish cities, especially in Madrid, where the white flags came to fill Gom a Gom the Cibeles.

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The group, defined as a non-partisan, has suffered the effects of polarization and has seen how the Spanish-language demonstrations throughout the State, or the independentists in Catalonia, surpassed them in number until the initiative was shut down. According to Fernández, the Declaration of independence of October 27 and the April 2019 Calendar Telugu subsequent application of article 155 helped to ensure that there is currently “an inflammation of the nationalist vein in the rest of Spain, which means that now anything can be threatening with a 155.

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No livestock or water is used for any other purpose except for personal needs in the household – he told us yesterday.Reclamation of the water meterThe Municipal Director Ilija Lešić points out that everything about water meters and calibrations is precisely regulated by law. – We are one of the rare a company that changes water meters every five years. If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the water meter, it April 2019 Calendar South Africa can be advertised in writing, the procedure lasts for approximately seven days, while the State Bureau checks it and we will provide a replacement water meter at that time.

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If it is determined that the water meter is defective, the citizen has the right to settle the costs – he explains. He notes that these days the chief inspector at Croatian Radio spoke about this and said that as many as 99 percent of the watermarks surveyed by the citizens were correct. – The case that you mentioned that all taps are closed and the meter is still rotating, unfortunately , shows something else.

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This is a sign of water leaking somewhere, most likely in the installation that leads to the house, but it can also be in the house. In that case, it needs to react immediately. We provide users with free help and send people to the field because it is possible that the pipe due to the age of the installation is somewhere missing or something else is happening – Lešić says.Prazne kućeNapominies that regular water meters are constantly read every month in order to keep the situation as realistic as possible on a day-to-day basis.


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Municipal staff have the suggestion that, when they see 30 percent higher consumption than usual, they immediately alert the citizens. “As for pressure issues, we have invested a lot of money into his regulations to get the same pressure, we have a meter and he’s about four bars. Honestly, we would like companies to reduce pressure, but we do not know how citizens react.

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Because there is a fourth floor problem in residential buildings. If we reduced it to three bars, which would be enough for family homes, we would have far fewer failures, which is a clean cost, because we have to hire people out of time, of course, it costs them all. But we still do not want to experiment, so we will not achieve a counter-effect, “concluded Lešić. He points out that the big problem is becoming empty houses and as an example he states that a woman from Germany who had a $ 8,000 water bill came to these days.


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The pipe collapsed in the courtyard building, the water escaped and there is a big problem. We can consume, get judgment and we will not be able to charge, and additional costs have been made and ultimately pay the users through the price of water.




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That is why we appeal to citizens to have any doubts and what they see immediately to be able to react and prevent such cases in time to avoid at least part of the unnecessary costs – calls the director April 2019 Calendar South Africa of the Commune. The Kinetic Association of Slatina organized a two-day festival and a test of the inherited characteristics of the birds of the birds and the swarms.

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The police controlled a 26-year-old truck driver with the Zagreb cattle carriage trailer, which was also a 46-year old man. and in the accompanying documentation, it was found that the truck was transporting live cattle from Romania to Croatia, namely 44 cattle and 150 lambs, for which documentation was submitted, namely Interna Blank April 2019 Calendar l Trade Certificates, according to which the client and buyer of the cattle company headquartered in Vrbovec with by finding in a farm center in the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

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With the inspection of irregularities found in the documentation, the police officers realized that the part of the cattle did not have an ear tag for livestock marking, and that the documentation of the documentation showed that the dates of issuance of the certificate and date of cattle transport are not the same irregularities were reported to the veterinary inspector of the Veterinary Office of Virovitica, which was supervised by the documentation and the veterinary system that the same number of certificates had already been imported to Croatia on 15 May and that the certificates and the certificates were incorrectly found and stamped.

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Also, a total of 67 non-traded Romanian markers for livestock marking were found in the crates of the farmhouse, which was taken over by the veterinary inspector for the purposes of the misdemeanor procedure due to a breach of the Veterinary Law – we know from Josip Štajdohar, spokesman of the Police Administration of Virovitica-Podravina. the State Attorney’s Office in Virovitica, where it was found that in the present case it was the perpetration of a criminal offense of counterfeiting of documents relating to the Internal Trade Certificates.

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On the same day in the afternoon the police officers transported the truck to the farm on the farm or to the Saber Center near the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, where veterinary supervision of a higher veterinary inspector was carried out.


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The senior veterinarian supervised and made a record showing that in the truck and trailer that drove the farm at the farm there were 36 calves marked with one ear tag, nine junys without ear tags, 78 lambs marked with two ears markers and 180 lambs without ear tags.


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HSS councilor Marko Maroševac warned at the session of the City Council that many citizens complained to the overflow of water reported in the accounts. – Citizens suspect the accuracy of the water meter, as some claim they have shut down all the taps and counted, despite what the water is no longer emitted, and it still spins. Whether the meter is defective or maybe the pressure in the pipes, they do not know for themselves, “he said. He was interested in the optimum water pressure on the count meter prescribed by the meter manufacturer and confirmed by the calibration company.



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This year, he noted, tenants in residential buildings praise that they have very good pressure in the water supply network, and in family houses is an extradar and we are asking whether it still needs to be corrected or lowered. “And one woman calls me this morning and says that Blank April 2019 Calendar according to her account she is a four-member family, with only one member all day at home, and others at work and at college, in the month day spent 29 cubic meters of water.

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Three lectures preceded the announcement of the results. Talking about the actualities in Croatian beekeeping Željko Vrbos, President of the Croatian Beekeeping Association, emphasized the work on the new national beekeeping program as well as the strengthening of marketing April 2019 Calendar Cute activities. He talked about the trend of honey import growth, while exports of domestic honey fell. “There is no need to import honey, we have good domestic honey, but we have to marinate our consumers to consume Croatian honey,” Vrbos said.

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Also, it is important to protect honey with the designation of origin, he added. One of the many activities that is being pursued is the great action of the Croatian Honeybees, which was detailed in detail by mr. Sc. Dubravka Živoder from the Croatian Agricultural Agency (HPA). Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Krunoslav Karalic, Assistant Minister, clarified the implementation of the Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practices in the Food Supply Chain, with emphasis on beekeeping. He appealed to beekeepers to report if they are unfair trading practices when selling honey to the buyer or the trader.

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“The most important thing is that buyers accept a healthy and quality Croatian product, without that all the measures we make will not make any sense,” Karalyic said. “There is an interesting year in beekeeping. I hope we will overcome the negative trends and ensure a longer and safer placement of honey and honey products, “concluded Ernest Nad, from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Osijek, secretary of the organizing committee of Honey Day in Croatia.

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Mesic Disrupted Tudjman and Croatia’s Politics Against Bosnia and Herzegovina “(Part I and II) was also presented to the Požuljci. This is a book in which Seks illuminates two extremely important segments of contemporary Croatian history, from the end of 1992 to mid-1994.In presenting their books in front of the large hall of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Požega, Vladimir Šeks emphasized that they testify of the struggle for truth “in which we have achieved sovereignty, independence and statehood in bloody and difficult circumstances.


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” He thinks that such books should therefore be written. the truth must be prevented by liars, libelists and counterfeiters of recent Croatian history because a legitimacy of truth has been proclaimed a thousand times a lie, “he pointed out Seks. With the author, the book was presented by reviewers, doc. dr. sc. Ivica Miškulin from Croatian Catholic University in Zagreb and Ph.D. Dinko Čutura, director of the State Archives in Zagreb.



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This is perhaps the most useful and valuable memoir yield that has emerged in independent Croatia over the last ten years. These are two extremely documented books that bring debates on the key problems of the Croatian state 1993/94, focusing on the relation of the Republic of Croatia to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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This is a topic that is still burdened by Croatian society, and without consultation of these two books can not bring the objective on ratings, and it results that Croatia did not actively participate in the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Miskulin said. Last Friday, police April 2019 Calendar Cute officers prevented smuggling of livestock from Romania to Croatia at the Terezino border crossing.

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“There is no need to import honey, we have good domestic honey, but we have to influence our consumers to consume Croatian honey,” said Vrbos. Also important is the protection of honey a sign of originality, he added. One of the many activities that is being carried out with this goal is the great action “Med Hrvatske pčelinjaka”, detailed in detail by mr April 2019 Calendar Templates . Sc. Dubravka Živoder from the Croatian Agricultural Agency (HPA). Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Krunoslav Karalic, Assistant Minister, clarified the implementation of the Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practices in the Food Supply Chain, with emphasis on beekeeping.

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He asked the beekeepers to report if they were unfair trading practices in the sale of honey to the redeemer or dealer. “The most important thing is that buyers accept a healthy and quality Croatian product, without that all the measures we make will not make any sense,” Karalyic said.


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“There is an interesting year for us in bee-keeping. I hope we will overcome negative trends and ensure a longer and safer placement of honey and honey products – concluded Ernest Nad, from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Osijek, secretary of the Croatian Honey Day organizing committee.

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In the London oil price market last week grew by 1 , 4 percent to $ 84.15, and at one point reached $ 86.74, the new highest level since November 2014. In the American market, however, the barrel increased by 1.3 percent to $ 74.34, the highest level in four years. Oil prices have jumped between 15 and 20 percent since mid-August, largely as a result of announced US sanctions on the Iranian oil sector, which should come into force on November 4th. Washington wants Iranian oil buyers to completely stop importing oil from Tehran to force Tehran to negotiate a new nuclear deal.

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More recently, Iran has exported 2.7 million barrels a day, accounting for almost 3 percent of the world’s total daily crude oil consumption, while many analysts now estimate that Iranian exports could fall by one million barrels a day, and more. Due to the expectation that the bid will fall and demand will remain strong as a result of the growth of the global economy, oil prices have reached the highest levels in four years by half of the week.

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The agricultural farm Pintar Josip from Đurđevac is the overall winner of the 23rd quality assessment of varieties of honey in Croatia. Additionally, valuable meders from Đurđevac were once again titled, their acorn honey was proclaimed the best in the category of Hammer Honey Champion. In addition, medal of Ivica Kompesa from the village of Kravarsko, was rated the best in the category of Champion of honey.

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Awards and awards ceremony was held today (October 6th) at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Osijek Chamber of Commerce. It is a traditional part of the program of bee honey manifestation in Croatia, which gathered in Osijek a large number of beekeepers from all over April 2019 Calendar Templates Croatia. The event will end tomorrow, on Sunday, October 7th, at the round table on “Healthy food placement for tourism and EU markets” to be held at the Pampas fairground.

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The organizer of the Osijek Fair Ltd., a company owned by the City of Osijek, received the patronage of the President of the Republic Croatia and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union, Osijek-Baranja County and the City of Osijek, and the cooperation was provided by the traditional partners of the Croatian Chamber of Economy Osijek Chamber of Commerce April 2019 Calendar Printable Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County Crafts Chamber. as everyone from exhibitors and visitors to the organizers begins to slowly forgive the fair of Pampas.

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Grad Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County, backed by funds from EU funds, started implementing the Economic Center project, which will be home to a new fairground. Because it is known that Pampas is not designed for the purpose of fair trade. Well, again twenty years ago, with only a year or two exceptions, this space, despite all its shortcomings (primarily technical-organizational), became a synonym for a trade fair in Osijek. And this time everyone could find somewhat of usable items, food , wines and various teas to handmade wooden items, various supplies needed for construction, housing and agriculture.

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The fair also included: 5. Exhibition of Women’s Entrepreneurship, 2. Exhibition of Veteran’s Entrepreneurship and Croatian-Hungarian Business Meeting. Within the Fair the 23rd National Honey Evaluation was held, and this year’s autumn fair will be remembered for a nice Honey breakfast. In order to promote domestic honey, the one protected by the Croatian Agricultural Agency, at this sweet breakfast were pupils of the lower classes of the nearby primary school.

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When we are already in school, the director of the Osijek Fair, Alen Vukašinović, announces an interesting trade fair curriculum. This will not be the last event of this year’s event. – In cooperation with the Association of Technical Culture of the Osijek-Baranja County, we will organize a show where the workshops of the House of Tech will be presented. In two days, this will be Friday and Saturday at the beginning of December, we will invite elementary students to participate in the workshops of the House, if not already, into the world of technical culture.

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This will be our small fair curriculum – says Vukasinovic, concluding that the 21st Autumn Autumn Fair has been rewarded by the exhibitors. The family farm Pintar Josip from Đurđevac is the overall winner of the 23rd quality assessment of varieties of honey in Croatia. In addition to this valuable meders from Đurđevac, they became one of their titles, their acacia honey was proclaimed the best in the category of Hammer Honey Champion. In addition, Horn Ivica Kompesa from the town of Kravarsko was rated the best in the category of Champion of Honey Acacia.

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Awards and awards were held in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Osijek Chamber of Commerce. It is a traditional part of the program of bee honey manifestation in Croatia, which gathered in Osijek a large number of beekeepers from all over Croatia.

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The event ended with a round table entitled “Healthy fare for tourism and EU markets” at the Pampas fairground. Three lectures preceded the announcement of the results. Speaking about the April 2019 Calendar Printable actualities in Croatian beekeeping, Željko Vrbos, President of the Croatian Beekeeping Association, emphasized the work on the new national beekeeping program as well as the strengthening of marketing activities.

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Bekavac asked Markić’s resignation at the news conference Tuesday, “I seek resignation and prosecution of Mr Markic, who apparently has not been upgraded to the function that he was verified for, while he was in the chicken Milijan Brkić and Tomislava Karamarka, while April 2019 Calendar Canada they had a leading role in SOA has more than 200 people who have not gone through security check or have fallen, “Bekavac said.Boban stressed today that he is not the county officials publicly commenting on the work of state bodies.

April 2019 Calendar Canada

“I would like to point out that the press conference of the staff member is organized outside the county and in the leisure time and has nothing to do with the county or with me personally,” said Prefect Boban. He also said that Bekavac organized a press conference organized arbitrarily and without the knowledge of his superiors. Boban also denied media allegations that Bekavac was his advisor.

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“It is true that Bekavac is working in the workplace of national minorities advisers and security in the administrative suit for the joint affairs of the Split-Dalmatia County, whereby we are thinking of the safety of the traffic and the safety of the workforce, which are the jobs that the employee performs” explained the Prefect of Boban. The traditional event organized by the METRO Cash & Carry chain was held yesterday, October 9, when the International Day of Independent Businesses was held, known as the Day of My Business.

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The term “independent” in this context means small and medium entrepreneurs who have celebrated their special day in 25 countries worldwide, reaching their customers with special, reduced prices of food, beverages and various products. In the third part of my business day, the owners of many restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries and small shops from all over Croatia participated, who provided special offers to citizens with the amount of effort, passion and renunciation that must be invested to a small or medium entrepreneur had a successful business.

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– IN METRO We see our business day as an opportunity for the business of our professional customers and other independent entrepreneurs from all over Croatia to get closer to the citizens and to enable them to reach new customers and customers more easily and to add to the existing ones. Our goal today is to draw the public’s

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attention to the importance of the SME sector, which is the cornerstone of the development of the local community and the national economy – explains Oliver Boček, director of METRO wholesale center in Osijek, reminding that apart from Slavonia in this international event, Croatian centers such as Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Zadar.

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– There are more than 2800 special offers on the platform of the Independent Entrepreneurs Day, which is the same number of small and medium-sized businesses around the world, despite our modest budgets and limited possibilities, to help them provide April 2019 Calendar Canada sufficient market visibility with the marketing support of particularly attractive offers – continues Nika Blažević from METRO’s corporate communications, warning that buyers are often unaware of the presence of independent entrepreneurs in the market.