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That tells you this post. Open confectionery Open confectionery | This is how you fulfill your lifelong dream Business IdeasThere are many people who like to bake and decorate ornate cakes and other pretty treats, and who want to make this passion their profession. The March 2019 Calendar UK dream to open your own pastry shop is widespread. The bad news, however, is that being able to become self-employed as a pastry chef is not enough.

March 2019 Calendar UK

The pastry chef belongs to the professions subject to licensing and requires appropriate training. If you want to start your own business, you have to meet some other requirements. What this is about and what else you need to know, you will learn in this article on the topic of pastry making. Open an online shop Open an online shop – a good idea? Business Ideas Basically, opening an online store is always a good idea, provided you consider a few basic aspects. Actually, it has never been easier to enter the e-commerce business today, and the demand for online shopping is increasing. Why?

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We live in a time where time means money, everything has to be fast, uncomplicated and simple. If you need something, you do not spend hours on the road, but you search for products on the Internet. Opening a detective agency opening | What you need to keep in mind Business Ideas Every kid (and certainly many a girl) dreams of becoming a detective at some point during his childhood.



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Spying on shadowy figures, revealing secrets and helping to make the world a little bit better – what sounds like a childhood dream to many is a lived reality for some. The profession of the detective is still up to date and not a few people  think about opening your own detective agency. What you have to pay attention to here is revealed in the following article. Open dog pensionDiscover dog pensions | What to pay attention to? Business IdeasYou love animals and especially the second favorite pet of the Germans did it to you?



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According to statistics, every third family in the country owns a dog. Sure, we Germans love the diversity of the four-legged friends, our loyal guardians, playmates and everyday settlers. Most of them would do anything for their dog, to make it as good as possible. But every now and then it happens that the dog just does not fit into the concept and you need a caregiver.



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For example, when going on vacation or on a business trip. Friends, family members and acquaintances have no time – what now? You have recognized the problem of many dog ​​owners now want to help with the help of their own dog kennel.


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Found a flight school Found a flight school | You have to know this business ideas If you want to start your own flight school, you have to prepare for countless obstacles right from the start. Because it is clear: this is by no means a simple undertaking. But on March 2019 Calendar UK the contrary. As the founder of a flying school, you not only need to bring with you extensive expertise, but also meet various requirements and guidelines.

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Found Locksmith Founding Locksmith | How to Get Started in the Self-Employed Business Ideas Metal construction is a loud and dirty industry – and still popular and in demand. No wonder, because March 2019 Calendar USA metal structures are needed almost everywhere. Starting with bridges over multi-storey car parks to huge observation decks – the metal construction material not only offers stability but also longevity.

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If you own a locksmith If you want to start a business, then you probably want to approach it a little smaller and more modest. Instead of large constructions you are most likely to have goals, stairs and railings on your program. What you as the future owner of your own locksmith need and need to bring with you?


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The following article tells you. Founding a gardening gardening | As a nature lover into self-employment Business ideasWho works as a gardener, can look forward to an extremely varied professional life. The activity requires not only physical fitness, but also a comprehensive knowledge of the most diverse plant species and their optimal attitude. Anyone who enjoys this and also enjoys spending time in the fresh air is the born gardener.




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If you also like to take responsibility and make your own decisions, it may not be a bad idea to start your own gardening. What you need to know and know in this regard is revealed in the following article. Open ButcheryEnable Meat Industry | How To Make Yourself As Butcher Business Ideas Even as more and more people consciously choose to live as vegetarians and vegans, there are still enough butchers who can live well from their business.


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Meat as a food still enjoys great popularity – if it has a good quality and does not come from factory farming. What else you need to know, if you open a butcher shop and want to be successful, read this post. Open furniture shop Open furniture shop | Everything You Need to Know Business IdeasA small, fine furniture business with select pieces that appeal to a specific audience – that sounds like a great business idea in your ears?


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Then you should definitely think about the concrete implementation. Opening a furniture store is surprisingly easy compared to other business models and is subject to manageable conditions. However, the prospects for success are all the greater. With the right concept and an irresistible unique selling proposition, you have a good chance of inspiring many customers for your shop. How this opens up a successful furniture business is revealed in this article.


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Setting up electrical operation Setting up electrical operation | Self-employed as an electrician Business ideasSie are an electrician and want to become self-employed with this profession? A very good idea, because electrical companies can still look forward to an excellent order situation. In times of the smart home – in other words, the fully March 2019 Calendar USA networked house – there are also some completely new challenges for electricians. Those who specialize in this area and develop a certain expertise, has very good chances to prevail against the competition. What else do you need to know if you want to start an electrical business?

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In addition, it is just announced. From the North Sea to the Alps is camped and camped, which lasts. More and more followers discover the holiday in nature for themselves and equip themselves with high-quality equipment. But not only the manufacturers of mobile homes, March 2019 Calendar With Holidays cookware and Co. benefit from this development. Campsite owners are also looking forward to excellent workloads and a younger target audience who are also willing to dig deeper for the right quality.

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It seems that right now is the right time to open a campsite. But how do you do that? The path to self-employment does not start with starting a business, but before that. The simple phrase: Without business idea no business. What sounds simple is sometimes really complicated. Because not always falls a great business idea from the sky and directly into the lap of the founder. Often, good business ideas are pretty long in coming. But that does not have to be!

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There are many business ideas and you do not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. On this page we present you selected business ideas. Perhaps you will find here the right business idea for you.Our business idea we present here: open wine tradeWeinhandel öffnen | Business ideasWine is not the favorite German drink (this is known to be beer), but it is still liked and regularly consumed.



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Against this background, it seems very promising for many to open their own wine trade. But is that really the case? Is this a profitable business idea in times of discount wines? In this post you will receive all the important information you need if you want to open a wine trade. Open a dog schoolopen the dog school | A dream job for many animal lovers Business ideasThe favorite animal of the German is still the dog.



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No other quadruped man so often manages to conquer the hearts of people as the friend with the cold snout. The love for the dog is so omnipresent in this country that it encounters one in the most diverse areas. Keepers go with their dogs not only to the hairdresser and in the kennel, but also for education lessons. Dog schools enjoy country-wide, landab east popularity – and not without reason.



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Because almost every dog ​​owner recognizes sooner or later that there is still need for optimization in your own pet. If you want to open a dog school, then you can already look forward to good starting conditions. But there are a lot more to consider. Founding Bus Companies EstablishingBusinesses | Which requirements do you have to fulfill?


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Business IdeasWhy wander into the distance, even if there is a lot to discover in this country? This could be the motto of various bus companies that offer their customers various trips to various sights, events and cities. Who wants to start a bus company, has good prospects for success – because this form of travel is still very March 2019 Calendar With Holidays popular and even with the younger target audience again on the rise. But in the end, to really do everything right, you should know what is really important in the foundation. As a bus operator, you have to meet a number of requirements and know exactly what the legal framework for your business is.

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As a property manager, you are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They hire craftsmen, are at the tenants’ disposal for questions, create utilities bills and ensure that everything “runs smoothly”. Your customers include various property owners who do not want to worry  March 2019 Calendar Excel about all this, but rather commission an external service provider with the work. So far the theory. But how is the founding of a property management in practice? Open hairdressing salonopen hairdressing salon | It depends on these conditions Business ideas “No matter what the future brings – people always have to go to the hairdresser’s.”

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Phrases like these express how firmly the profession of the hairdresser is rooted in our society. That at some point it might not be possible anymore is more than questionable for most people. In turn, these are the best conditions if you are flirting with opening your own hairdressing salon. In fact, the chances are good to build a solid customer base after a short time – provided you meet all the requirements for this job.

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Find out how to open a hairdressing salon in this post. Open Call CenterCall Center Open | A communicative path to independence Business ideasCall Centers are booming like never before and enjoying the best order situation. The reason for this: Communication with the customer is a task that is outsourced by many companies and passed on to the telephone center. Anyone who currently flirts with the idea of ​​opening their own call center, encounters ideal starting conditions that allow a quick entry into the industry.



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On the other hand, there are always different hurdles and problems to be expected. The following article provides you with an overview and gives you valuable tips along the way if you want to open a call center. Create Security Company EstablishSafety Company | Self-employed with a security service Business ideasYou want to take care of the well-being of other people and, for example, ensure that events take place safely and smoothly?


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Then you might already be thinking of starting a security company. This step into self-employment makes perfect sense – because security is needed in many areas and constantly. However, what you should know from the beginning: It is not easy to start your own security company. What should be considered here and what to do The following article will tell you what you need to fulfill.


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Open bistro Open bistro | Step by step to your own catering business Business ideasEnjoy your own bistro – for many people this is a long-cherished dream that is both within reach and yet infinitely far away.




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Anyone who wants to become self-employed in the catering industry should definitely know that a lot of bureaucratic hurdles will come to him. Simply sign up for a trade and open a bistro is not enough. Find out in this article what else you need to keep in mind and March 2019 Calendar Excel how to open your own gastronomy step by step. Open campsiteCreate campsite | An industry with great potential For many people, business idea camping is not just a form of overnight accommodation, but a real way of life.

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Then you’ve probably already thought of opening your own dance school. A big adventure, no question. But also no impossibility. Read in this post what you have to consider everything, if you want to open a dance school and what conditions you must meet. Open tea shopTo open up shop | A pleasurable path to self-employment Business Ideas When March 2019 Calendar Word it comes to the popularity of drinks in Germany, although tea still has to rank behind coffee, it can also be said that demand has increased significantly in recent years.

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In addition to the old-established tea drinkers, more and more young people are discovering the fascinating world of teas. Whether classics like black tea or trend products like the green matcha tea – the enthusiasm for the infusion drink is great. So why not use the euphoria and open your own tea shop?

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Here, however, the customers should not only find a large selection, but also an owner who has a real idea of ​​tea and good advice. What else you need to consider if you want to open a tea shop, reveals the following post. Establish Chocolate ManufactoryChocolate Manufacture | The sweet seduction as a daily busi ness Business Ideas Even if everyone feels the “healthy lifestyle” for themselves and aware of their diet, the candy classic chocolate is as popular as ever.



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If you take a closer look at the start-up scene, you can see that the topic is also increasingly being taken up in the form of a business. Chocolate factories enjoy great popularity and are sprouting up like mushrooms. If you too want to benefit from this trend, you should not waste any time and plan your own business startup. The following article will help you. Opening perfumeryopening parfümerie |


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Self-sufficient with great fragrances and more business ideas. Parfumeries are businesses that people go to who value their appearance. They not only want to look good, they also want to smell very pleasant. To achieve these goals, they are ready to reach deep into their pockets. This fact ensures that perfumeries can be considered a particularly lucrative business idea – provided that you go through this project structured and focused and know exactly what is important.

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In the following article you will learn how to open a perfumery step by step. Open Pet Grooming Open Pet Grooming | Step by step to animal good business business ideasThe dog is the German favorite pet. The “partner with the cold snout” is not only deeply loved, but cherished and cherished by most owners with great dedication. An industry that benefits significantly from this is the dog hairdressers.

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If you also think of opening a pet grooming salon, it can turn out to be a very lucrative business. The days when the four-legged friends were kept only as watchdogs and had to sleep in the kennel are long gone. For the best friend of man now several billion euros are spent annually – including for the regular visit to the groomer. Create Property March 2019 Calendar Word Management Establish Property Management | What you need to know Business IdeasIf you like to deal with administrative tasks and at best come from the real estate industry, which may have thought before, to start a property management.

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Open deco shopDecorporate store | Make people happy with nice things Business ideasNot only in the Christmas period, but also in the rest of the year, deco elements are very popular with many people. Shops that offer the corresponding goods have been enjoying great March 2019 Calendar PDF popularity for some years now – but they also have to deal with intense competition from the well-known chains. Anyone who would nevertheless like to open a deco shop and thus delight customers should, above all, never lose sight of one thing: uniqueness.

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An assortment made up of merchandise that only exists in your store will most likely be the key to success. What else is there to keep in mind when you want to open a deco store, tells you the following post. Opening a pawnshop Opening a pawnshop | This is how the path to self-employment works Business ideasThere are countless opportunities to become self-employed.

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One that only springs to mind when you think of your own business is the opening of a pawnshop. In a pawn shop, you offer people the opportunity to sell personal valuables to quickly and unbureaucratically get a larger amount of cash. Over time, the customer then has the opportunity to buy back the item (on installments). The amount of interest you charge on this “credit” usually depends on the duration of the contract.


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If a customer does not buy back his belongings within the agreed time, you can auction them and earn extra money. As simple as (and ingenious) the Pfandhaus business model may sound, the creation of such a company is not without reason. What you have to keep in mind, if you want to open a pawn shop, tells you the following article. Open Locksmith Open Key Service | How lucrative is this business idea?



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Everyone knows this situation: A moment of carelessness, the door closes and the next moment you realize: I just barred myself. In itself no big problem, after all, locksmiths are usually fast on the spot to reopen the door. If only there were not the sometimes exorbitant high costs that result from this service. You might think that it really pays off to do a locksmith. But is that really the case?



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And what else do you need to know if you want to open a locksmith? Find out in this post. Open your craft shopBuild shop open | With the hobby in the self-employment business ideasYou have been dreaming for some time of your own business, which helps you to make your hobby to a job? Maybe you are a passionate hobbyist and love to let your creativity run free in do-it-yourself projects.


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In this case, you should definitely think about opening your own craft shop. As a local retailer, it’s definitely not easy these days – but if you’re serious about being self-employed right from the start and are looking for some important “rules of the game,” then your business March 2019 Calendar PDF has prospects for success. Open Dance SchoolDance School Open | Step by step to your own business Business ideasDancing is your great passion that you would like to pass on to other people?

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We also regularly introduce new food business ideas in our GründerDaily. Learn here what founders in the UK are currently doing – or how the Bio-Boom brought this founder to success.Inspiration for your own foundation More than 400 other exciting business ideas February 2019 Calendar Spanish can be found on Für-Grü Every Monday, of course, you will also be able to read new contributions on business ideas in our Founder Daily. Once a month, we also keep you up to date in our business idea newsletter.

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The path to self-employment does not start with starting a business, but before that. The simple phrase: Without business idea no business. What sounds simple is sometimes really complicated. Because not always falls a great business idea from the sky and directly into the lap of the founder. Often, good business ideas are pretty long in coming. But that does not have to be! There are many business ideas and you do not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.

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On this page we present you selected business ideas. Perhaps you will find the right business idea for you here. We present our business idea here: Web designers will become web designers | Successfully self-employed as a freelancer Business ideasIn the increasingly digitized world, it is almost obvious that web designers are celebrating a boom. In fact, the services of this professional group are currently very much in demand.


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And yet, many web designers are reluctant to be asked if it pays to enter the industry. Irregular revenues, modular systems, huge competition and customers who are not 100 percent satisfied even after the tenth change are helping to tarnish the image of the profession. But if you do not want to be put off and still want to become a web designer, this article will tell you everything you need to know.


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Travel guide will be guide | You have to meet these requirements Business IdeasIt is the dream of many people: Always be on the road and earn money at the same time. A profession that can make this life possible, for example, is the guide. If you are interested in how to become a travel guide, which challenges you have to meet, and what the daily work of a travel guide looks like, then you are in the right place.

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The following article provides an overview of the most important information. Open Tattoo Studio Open Tattoo Studio | This business gets under your skin Business IdeasWhat skeptical eyesight was a few years ago, is now an integral part of our society. We are talking about tattoos that have managed to change from marginal to mass phenomenon.



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The scene is happy about steady growth, new trends and general acceptance. For the tattoo studios all over the country this means above all one thing: an outstanding order situation. So it’s February 2019 Calendar Spanish not so wrong to think about opening such a studio yourself – assuming, of course, that you meet a number of requirements and have the  ug to the tattoo artist. What you need to know if you want to open a tattoo studio? The following article tells you.

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This is about our subjective perception of reality. More than 40 years ago, this question took on a new dimension after the release of this classic: virtual reality takes us to worlds that are not really real. Example Vire: Advertising reloadedAlso in the virtual world there is advertising – that’s what it does Cologne start-up Vire advantage. Th February 2019 Calendar To Print e founders offer advertisers the opportunity to place their products in VR games. Of course not in the form of intrusive banner ads, but as a visual part of the game. Thus, for example, objects labeled with the logo of the advertising customer can be moved in virtual space.


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As an example, Vire shows basketballs, beer bottles or coffee mugs on his website.Examples of Augmented RealityFor the past year we have presented numerous AR business ideas – we are confident that 2018 will be added. Until then again in the Recap: Augmented Reality: How virtual objects conquer the real world [incl. Example] Taxes without touchscreen, writing without a pen: Kinemic has the solution Industry 4.0:


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How R3Coms wants to compete with industry giants. Trend 4: Food 4.0 – Potty pizza was yesterday. After all, even tech investor Frank Thelen with participations in start-ups like Little Lunch, Lizza or Ankerkraut has literally gotten a taste, the opportunities in the food segment for start-ups may be rosy. Last year, the food industry set a new sales record with an estimated 181 billion euros – an increase of 7.7 percent compared to the previous year.


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And it looks like this trend will continue in 2018 According to the Federal Association of the German Food Industry, this growth is due to a growing appetite for innovation among consumers. According to a survey by the association, the demand for new products is enormous. Here are two examples of how American start-ups conquer the culinary world in the combination of high-tech and delicious food.


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Example Zume: Robots as pizza bakers Trends Baked the pizza while driving: the robot in the Zume Pizza Truck (photo : Zume Pizza) Who does not know that – the pizza you ordered at the delivery service is half-cold and a bit cardboard until it lands on your plate. Californian start-up Zume has come up with a concept for how Italian dough cakes end up hot and crispy on their plates.


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This is made possible by a pizza robot, which bakes the pizzas in a specially equipped car on the way to the customer. Here the remotely controllable ovens are operated by an algorithm with a linked GPS system. The remaining time to the place of delivery is calculated so accurately. Example Green Summit Group: American Ghost RestaurantsWhat’s the ghost restaurant, please? A Diner in a deserted city from the time of the Wild West? Not even close.



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The term refers to a current catering trend from the USA. Ghosts such as the New York start-up Green Summit Group consist of only one kitchen – there is neither a guest room nor its own delivery service. Customers can only order via an app, the delivery takes place February 2019 Calendar To Print via external services such as Grubhub or Deliveroo. In London and Berlin, the trend has already caused a sensation. No wonder, as this can save enormous initial investment costs, which are often high in the catering industry in particular.

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Even if that would probably want every start-up founder. But what is not, can still be. Because everything that offers real benefits, more convenience and security, has a good chance of getting customers excited. Self-learning systems offer tailor-made solutions – keyword: Artificial February 2019 Calendar Editable Intelligence (AI) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). They adapt to the needs of the customers and ensure that they are exactly the right choice get the support they need right now.

February 2019 Calendar Editable

Even if it is not exactly the tax return – the main thing, it fits and it simplifies the processes or increases the security.Example Parliaments: Not in, but to earn on-line tradingThe online trade is growing and growing: last year was able to sell via the Internet In this country in comparison to the previous year an increase of 10.9 percent to approximately 58 billion euros gross sales. This is a recent study by the Federal Association of e-commerce and mail order e.V. (bevh).


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The Berlin start-up parliament benefits from the growth in online trading and the resulting increase in customer inquiries. The solution analyzes incoming customer inquiries by e-mail in seconds and sends the customer an answer by return mail. The incoming messages are checked at the semantic level. The following points are checked: the concern, the mood of the customer as well as further information in the message. This is made possible by research results from computational linguistics and machine learning. Effect:


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The customer receives an immediate response, the customer service is relieved. With the solution from parlamind, customer inquiries are answered within seconds (Photo: parlamind) Trend 2: Cyber ​​security – the must-have of the digital world In 2016, the Federal Criminal Police Office counted over 80,000 cybercrime This could only be the tip of the iceberg, the agency expects that the number of unreported cases is many times higher. Anyone who still trusts the virus scanner alone could offer sufficient protection to experience an unpleasant surprise.


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This topic is becoming more important every day, especially for companies. Criminals are constantly inventing new ways to trick security measures. Where a pain of suffering, as a business idea: Start-ups have recognized the signs of the times and offers sophisticated security solutions for companies. Example Patronus: Modern cyber patron for SMEsThe Berlin start-up has the cyber criminals announced the fight. With their security solution, they want to offer SMEs and smaller web agencies the opportunity to protect themselves against cyber attacks.


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Especially SMEs are at risk of becoming victims of cybercrime, because they can not afford their own employees for online security and therefore are easy targets for hackers & Co. Example: VMRay: Security software from BochumMalware often invades the system well camouflaged. When it is recognized, it has often completed its destructive work. The security software VMRay of the startup company of the same name from Bochum should ensure that things do not get that far.



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The software will handle even highly specialized malware. And the company’s clients include major international corporations, government organizations and law enforcement agencies. February 2019 Calendar Editable And another practical example: the Darmstadt start-up IT-Seal intends to enter a growth market with social engineering and cyberattacks – the founder story.Trend 3: Virtual and augmented reality – a long-running bookA book According to the communications scholar Paul Watzlawick, “How real is reality?”.

February 2019 Calendar Singapore

Create niche pagesCreate niche pages | How To Generate Passive Income Business Ideas For a growing number of people, the Internet is not just a place of entertainment and information, but also a place to earn money. The so-called online businesses are still on the February 2019 Calendar Singapore rise and are gaining more and more followers. There are multiple reasons for that. While some people smell the fast money, others are looking forward to being able to work flexibly and anywhere.

February 2019 Calendar Singapore


Before these wishes come true, however, you should first think carefully about which business model you want to set up on your own. In this article we introduce you to the example of niche sites and explain, among other things, how you can create niche pages and ultimately earn money. Kiosk OpenKiosk Open | Here’s what you should know! Business IdeasA separate small kiosk can be the solution for a solid livelihood.


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After all, kiosks are well-visited depending on their location and environment, they sell cigarettes, tobacco, magazines & books, sweets, maybe even baked goods, tickets for public transport and just about everything that the passing, urgent customer could need on the fly. A coffee to go, a pretzel on the hand above something to read. You can also be a contact point for the sale of tickets at S-Bahn stations or stops.



February 2019 Calendar Singapore Free Printable February 2019 Calendar Singapore PDF

At the kiosk you get information. They may sell mobile phone cards, prepaid cards, gift certificates and more. In the future you can become the nice kiosk owner next door, the one with always cool drinks and a nice chat. Start Shopping Service Create Shopping Service | Read here what you should consider! Business IdeasRestored workaholics, restricted seniors, families who just want to enjoy the time together – the target group of so-called shopping services is huge and continues to grow.


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No wonder, after all, it is extremely comfortable to have bread, milk and Co. delivered to your doorstep. What was taken for granted a few decades ago has been almost completely forgotten lately. Now the shopping services are celebrating their renaissance and are once again enjoying great popularity. Who wants to start a shopping service now, finds very good conditions – but also a tough competition. Energy Consultants Will Become Energy Consultants |

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Everything You Need to Know and Consider Business IdeasSustainability plays a central role in the lives of more and more people. You want to act in such a way that you do as little harm to the environment as possible, and that subsequent generations will find another earth on which to live well. One area that is really closely linked to sustainability is energy. Fortunately, eco-power, energy efficiency and co.


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Are no longer marginal issues. On the contrary, more and more often you become the (desired) normal case. One professional group that benefits significantly from this are the so-called energy consultants. The good news: In order to work as an energy consultant, you February 2019 Calendar Singapore do not have to fulfill any specific professional requirements. The bad thing is that the market is full of black sheep that you have to fight against. So far, voice-controlled systems like Alexa or Siri have not been able to handle such complex tasks.